7 Red Flags Why You Should Get Physiotherapy

Often at times, you only get to see the very grave cases of patients who are struggling to maybe get out of a wheelchair or stand up as a result of their injuries or some gruesome medical conditions attending therapy. Then you start to think that physiotherapy Newmarket is only for that category of people. But physiotherapy isn’t only for the severely debilitated. You will even find patients with discomfort or pain seeking physiotherapy treatments which often ends up benefiting them immensely.

There is no reason to want to play down your physical ailments or even decide to live with some chronic pain bothering you or some discomfort especially if you are in a condition to seek medical attention. This article explains 7 red flags you need to be aware of and know that it’s time you seek physiotherapy treatment

  1. Balance and coordination

You can use physiotherapy to retrain your body how to move and coordinate without falling over. Many issues can cause disequilibrium in humans and it is important that you find the main cause of your lack of balance and coordination. And only then can you know the right steps, best procedures and medication to take to try and fight it. failure to tackle this can leave you more vulnerable to the falls and lack of balance in the future.

  1. Flare up problems

So, maybe you have had this old injury that won’t heal or go away or maybe you react so badly to certain environments like weather changes or activities. All these can be symptoms of an injury that you never dealt with while it was still fresh. Physiotherapy treatments will address not only your current physical problems but also these old injuries that just never seem to go away.

  1. The pain won’t go away

Physiotherapy can also help you with severe pain that keeps persisting causing you a lot of discomforts like back or neck pain or even muscle imbalances that can be caused by muscle weakness. Physiotherapy treatments are meant to target the source of the pain and look at the best way to go about eliminating it and ensuring you have a more comfortable and pain-free life.

  1. Mobility issues

Sometimes you may be surprised at just how even some of the simplest injuries can end up affecting your whole body. And body movements can be the most traumatic if affected. Maybe your legs are affected preventing you from walking and moving about. Physiotherapy will help treat then retrain the parts of the body that fell prey to the illness or injury.

  1. Pain in other areas

There are a few instances where you find that the point of the injury isn’t the point of the pain. Physiotherapy can help you identify the reason for this issue. Maybe the pain occurs as a result of aggravating an old forgotten wound.

  1. Neurological problems

Cases like stroke often need extra attention, especially when being handled by a physiotherapist. Many things are looked into starting from mobility. Stroke cases are often very severe and need extra special attention.

  1. Disturbed sleep

Maybe you can’t fall asleep due to a chronic back pain which is usually the first sign of insomnia which can result from comfort during sleep. You need to seek physiotherapy treatments to find and deal with the root of the problem while it is still early enough.

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