6 Most Disturbing Medical Malpractice Claims


Medical malpractices have turned most people’s lives upside, down with the countless number of victims being haunted by permanent mental and physical suffering, long drawn out lawsuits, and outstanding medical bills. The doctors that perform these medical malpractices always end up being haunted by nightmares and guilt of what they did to another human being for many years. Medical malpractice lawyers try to create a balance when dealing with medical malpractice claims.

Below are a few of the most gruesome medical malpractices to be recorded in the past years that have been experienced by different medical malpractice lawyer(s).

  1. A bodybuilder waking up with a pair of new c-cup breasts

For now, you can’t be certain whether this case was true for Mr. Alexander Baez. But you should know that Mr. Baez’s strive to achieve physical perfection got him into a lot of trouble.

His achievements are outstanding in the bodybuilding business; being a runner-up in the Mr. Universe and also an ex-Mr. Mexico. This was not enough for Baez; he decided that he wanted to get pes implants.

After undergoing this delicate operation, Mr. Baez woke up to find himself with a pair of c-cup breasts. The fake surgeon had already vanished by the time.

  1. Screwdriver transplant in the spinal column

This may well be one of the most inhuman medical malpractices ever. Arturo Iturralde was set to undergo a delicate back surgery of having titanium rods implanted in his spinal column. Here is where Dr. Robert Ricketson came in, and as soon as the operation had begun, Ricketson realized that the titanium rods were not available.

Instead of aborting the operation, the doctor decided to use the metal piece of a screwdriver to complete the operation. Just a few days after the surgery, the metal rod broke and complicated matters for Mr. Arturo who had to undergo several painful surgeries. But the damage was already done, he succumbed to the injury. The family sued the doctor for this malpractice and was awarded $5.6 million for the damages caused.

  1. The wrong leg amputated

Here, you have Mr. Willie King, who was admitted to a hospital in Tampa, Florida to undergo surgery to have one of his legs removed. To his horror, when he woke up, he noticed that the good leg was the one missing and the bad leg still attached to his body.

  1. Blood type disaster

In this case, Jesica Santillan, 17, had spent about three years waiting for a lung and heart transplant. When the surgery day arrived at Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina, she went to the surgery room. She didn’t even get a fighting chance from the start of the operation when the organs she received were from a donor with blood type A while she was blood type O. Her body rejected the new organs, and this paved the road towards her death.

  1. DNA mixes up a new baby’s father

Nancy was the victim in this case. She had trouble conceiving and so, decided to fertilize her eggs artificially. Nancy later gave birth to a newborn with darker skin compared to her and her husband, Thomas. A DNA test later confirmed that Thomas was not the father of the baby due to a DNA mix up at the fertility clinic.

  1. Heart surgery on the wrong patient

This case had a 67-year-old woman has heart surgery done on her due to the mix-up of rooms. After going to the hospital to have a cerebral angiography, she was returned to the wrong room where she was later taken to the operating room to have heart surgery. Heart surgery was being done for the wrong patient, and even though they realized this before it went any further, some complications may have been incurred by the old woman.

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