The Top 6 Reputable Hearing Aids Brands

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Many experts have concluded that people start to lose their hearing before the age of 65. This may come as a surprise to many, but there are many reasons that hearing loss is becoming quite the problem for many people today. Reasons such as having one’s headphones blasted to the highest level.

However, there are many more reasons as well – for example playing loud music at clubs or working on construction site. Anything over 85 decibels starts to deteriorate our hearing, and it is because of this that hearing aids are in a much higher demand than in previous generations.

It would prove to be a good idea to visit an audiologist at your local hearing clinic (hearing clinic in Calgary) to determine whether or not you need a hearing aid. If you discover that you may be in need of a hearing aid then here are six reputable hearing aid brands that you should consider.

The Top 6 Reputable Hearing Aids Brands

# 1 – ReSound

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This hearing aid brand has been around since the 1940s (1943 to be exact) and was first designed and created in Denmark. This has been one of the most widely used and popular brands of hearing aids as it has a unique design that is used by many other hearing aid brands; which is the open-fit hearing design.

# 2 – Oticon

The Oticon hearing device goes back more than a century. The Oticon hearing aid was, like the previous entry, created in Denmark by Hans Demant who was trying to help his wife who had a hearing disability. The motto of this hearing aid company is “People First.”

This brand really stands out for the customizable hearing aids they provide to their clients. They really do live up to your motto, “People First.”

# 3 – Phonak

The Phonak hearing devices is an excellent option for young children. As a matter of fact, this particular hearing device brand caters a great deal of their design for young kids. This hearing device is was first created back in 1947 and in Zurich and has since then become one of the most dependable hearing aids for children.

# 4 – Signia

Signia, once known as Seimens, is perhaps one of the oldest hearing device companies. Although the company didn’t create its first hearing aid until 1959, the company created the first hearing device for the telephone back in 1878. They have gotten quite the reputation for creating the first digital hearing aid.

# 5 – Starkey

Starkey is the only Ameican hearing aid provider as well as one of the leading philanthropist’s companies on this list, with this company giving away over one million hearing aids. Starkey has been credited for creating the first in-canal hearing aid.

# 6 – Widex

Yet another hearing device created in Denmark. This is perhaps one of the most technologically advanced hearing aid devices.

Choosing The Right Hearing Aid

When it comes down to choosing a hearing aid, these are perhaps some of the finest and most reliable hearing aids you will come across. It is always best to do a bit of research before purchasing.

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