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June 2009

Top 5 Things I’ve Learned From Brain Blogging

by ToriDeaux on June 26, 2009

Actually, these might or might not be the *top* things I’ve learned… because really, I’m not sure how to rank them.  But they’re certainly five things I didn’t expect to learn.  Anyway, on with the list!

1.Neuroplasticity Rocks.     guitar image from cmpt on Stock.Xchng (Brain from iStock)

Although there’s no simple way to summarize it,  my deepening understanding of  how the neural pathways in the brain grow, strengthen, change and fade away has made a huge difference in my approach to… well.. everything.   The concepts involved have helped me to understand how both good and bad habits are formed, maintained and changed…   that new things are *supposed* to be hard, and being “smart” doesnt magically make new neural pop into existence without work. 

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Community Gardens: Good For The Brain

by ToriDeaux on June 17, 2009

imageIn my home town, the powers that be had a brilliant idea: turn a historic  farmstead (which now sits in the middle of town) into a community garden.  Citizens can sign up for 10×10 raised plots for vegetable or flower gardens, and the whole thing is  decorated by scarecrows in pioneer outfits, and old farm equipment.  (The 1800’s farmhouse itself is being restored to it’s  original form, and turned into a hands on museum, but that’s a ‘different matter. Today, we’re focused on the garden aspect)

In the same town, my Grandmother (who determined long ago she should never be called “Granny” ) has opened up her empty next-door lot for a neighborhood garden.  My grandfather had always kept it planted with garlic, onions, corn, and so forth… so it’s been great to see it in use again, and the neighbors all cooperating on the project.

Even in the most urban areas, gardeners are learning to create and manipulate cracks in paved areas to create community “crack gardens”. And at the White House, Michelle Obama has planted the first vegetable garden since Eleanor Roosevelt, an act that has seemingly rejuvenated gardening as a hobby among younger generations.

But what’s any of this got to do with tweaking your mind?

Well…   Lots!  Gardening has everything to do with with mood balancing and brain fitness and general good attitudeness.

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Branding Monsters:A Visual Experiment

by ToriDeaux on June 8, 2009

image Last week, I went on a twisting, turning link following journey,  and ended up on Hugs for Monsters, a showcase for the work and thoughts of visual artist Joe Lifrieri.  His site design is refreshing and charming, but it was a post on branding for the social web that sent my imagination scribbling.

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