I’m Running Off To Join The Circus!

by ToriDeaux on March 17, 2010


Yes, yes…  I know it’s St. Patty’s day, not April Fools day.  And no, I didn’t get totally confused by the switch to Daylight Savings Time last weekend.   It will all make more sense by the time I’m done explaining…  at least, I think it will.

But meanwhile?  I’m running off to join the circus.

This whole business is related to the renovations going on in the background of the site,  and it fits with my “Places, Everything!” theme for the year, too.  But mostly, it’s about the Metaphor Mouse stuff that Havi Brooks has been writing so much about over the past few weeks.   You can ignore the mouse part for now, if you like, and just focus on understanding the metaphor business.  After all, the mouse is… just a metaphor.

See, Havi’s brain seems to get stuck on things, a whole lot like mine does.  We both trip over random  ickiness  associated with various words – words like coach, and marketing, and — well, you get the idea.  Her way around it is to find metaphors, and substitute other words … words that (at least to her) mean the same thing, but reframe the idea in a less icky way.  For instance, instead of marketing her business and products, she “biggifies” them.   Think that’s wacky? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Metaphor Mouse To The Rescue!This past summer, Havi declared that she doesn’t even run a  business; she runs a pirate ship.

Yepp.  Metaphor Mouse helped her discover that she’s secretly a pirate queen.

The people who work with/for her? They aren’t personal assistants, bookkeepers,  or web masters,  but First Mates,  Navigators, and  she even has a Monkey!  Rather than doing business plans and accounting, she gets to chart courses, keep a Captain’s Log, and make treasure maps.

Oh, and no more team meetings.  Her crew has drunken pirate council, instead.

How cool is that?  I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a pirate queen, collecting treasures and wearing cool hats while coursing bravely (and drunkenly!) through uncharted waters? It’s just the most awesome metaphor I’d ever heard of.

I wanted to steal her metaphor SO badly!

I even figured out that I didn’t need to feel guilty about stealing it, because stealing is what pirates do.  And I brazenly told her (in her comments) that I No Pirate Ship. Sigh.was going to do it!

There’s just one problem.

I don’t have a pirate ship.

So although the pirate metaphor is the most awesome (or is that aarrrgh-some?) thing I could imagine…  I couldn’t see it working for me, not in the long run.

Oh, sure, I tried dressing up as a pirate queen…  but it felt like wearing someone else’s clothes.

Of course, that’s because I was wearing someone else’s clothes.
Someone else’s metaphor, anyway.

I don’t really like wearing other people’s stuff.  It doesn’t fit right. So today, I set out to see if I could coax Havi’s Metaphor Mouse into finding me a metaphor of my very own.

Want to know what happened, and how I’ve ended up joining the circus?
Check out part two, coming two-morrow!

(Yes, you have to wait.  I know. I’m evil, aren’t I?)

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1 Havi Brooks (and duck) 03.17.10 at 9:08 pm

Ha! Excellent. I am on the edge of my seat. Can’t wait to read all about how (and why) you’re running away to join the circus. And the fabulous outfits you’ll get to wear. It all sounds very exciting.

Is there popcorn? I like popcorn!
Havi Brooks (and duck)’s last post:     Item! Special Metaphor Mouse edition!

2 Tori Deaux 03.17.10 at 10:27 pm

Yay it’s Havi (and duck!)

There will DEFINITELY be popcorn. And cotton candy. And cracker jacks with the BEST prizes ever!

3 Maureen 03.18.10 at 5:44 pm

You will never believe this but when I was 7 my mom helped me pack my suitcase and a lunch because I was going to run away to the circus. They were in town that week.
I got as far as the local store and decided I wasn’t ready yet…. but somehow I’ve always dreamed of being a clown. We have clown school here in the Comox Valley

4 Tori Deaux 03.19.10 at 12:40 pm

Oh, you should SO find time to attend clown school, Maureen. Yes!
So that’s settled then, is it?

5 Maureen 03.23.10 at 12:11 pm

Oh yes, in between a housing project for people with disabilities, on the BOD for two non-profits, tutoring and renovations I have tons of time to do this.
Did I mention I’ve started up completing another degree? BA in Psych.
Yep lots of time.
I will think about it