Review Of The Holosync Demo Raises Ethics Questions

by ToriDeaux on July 17, 2007

*Important: Please note this is a review of the Holosync DEMO, not the program itself*

A few weeks ago, Centerpointe announced a free demo CD of Holosync, their brainwave synchronization technology. 701196_information

Since the Holosync program is pretty pricey, a free sample CD (advertised as a 29.95 value) seemed like a good idea. I sent off for the demo, read over the email info they sent along, and waited. It arrived quickly enough, and I eagerly popped it into my sound system, plonked on the headphones, and prepared to be entrained and entranced.

I was severely disappointed.

Rather than the sort of full-featured demos we’ve gotten used to from software and hypnosis vendors these days, the Holosync demo amounts to a 48 minute advertisement.

If they value *this* at $29.95, I’m have to question the actual value of their $160 intro level program.

I’m also left questioning their ethics; more on that later.

Here’s what’s on the CD: _____________________________________

Track One:
“Holosync Demo”
20 minutes

Track Two:
“Praise for Holosync”
28 minutes.

The CD starts out well enough… nice sound quality, soothing tones of rain, chimes and Tibetan bowls, pleasing tones.

But within 15 seconds, the voice of Centerpointe’s director is overlaid on the rain sound, with soothing explanations of what the Holosync technology is, how it works, and what it is supposed to do. It’s a full fledged sales pitch, right down to discussion of the money back guarantee and contact/order information.

13.5 minutes into the track, he finally hushes, and you’re left with 6.5 minutes of actual entrainment. Personally speaking, I didn’t find particularly remarkable – I usually respond well to entrainment and suggestion, but this did little more than vaguely relax me.

The six minutes or so of relaxation fades smoothly into the second track — No rains or chimes here, just 28 minutes of testimonials from various users with an underlying white noise.

Not an exciting or useful demo. It does demonstrate a high sound quality, and it shows that at least the rain/chime combination on the demo wasn’t annoying, though there’s no mention of whether or not it is typical, and no mention of what level of entrainment it is supposed to be producing.

I’d much prefer a separate entrainment track of 20 minutes or so that I could play a few times, to judge its effectiveness… maybe more sound samples of the other tracks that the program offers, and an idea of what levels the entrainment is supposed to produce. The demo is clearly marketed towards people who don’t know much about entrainment, brainwaves, or hypnosis.

Ethical Concerns:

Ok, so I was annoyed that the “demo” is an extended advertisement. That’s not really a big issue, just an annoyance that I wasted my time on it.

What troubles me is that they seem to be use their entrainment sample *underneath* their advertisement.

278669_disk_dvdcd__2I don’t have the know-how to dissect the CD, so I can’t tell you for certain that the binaural beats are embedded during director Bill Harris’s informational talk. I can’t tell you if it is embedded in the white noise under the testimonials of track two, either, though in both cases I did notice a clear difference in the left and right channels.

And even if the entrainment IS there, I can’t tell you with any certainty about the effects. I can tell you that listening to the CD is unlikely to turn you into a mesmerized zombie, mindlessly turning over your credit card number to Centerpointe.

But one of the core concepts behind Holosync and related programs is that entrainment relaxes you, creates a hypnotic state, and opens you to suggestion. Binaural beats and other entrainment techniques are often used in combination with hypnotic suggestions, for that reason, and personally, I’ve had some good success with it. To use that same technology in an advertisement for these products raises some serious questions in my mind.

If the entrainment/suggestion combo doesn’t work, then no harm done, but the product itself is useless.

If the entrainment/hypnotic suggestion combo does work, then isn’t it unethical to use it in advertising the product? Granted, there is no blatant hypnotic suggestion that you should buy the system, but it does seem designed to make you less questioning, more trusting, more likely to believe the claims offered…

Anyone else have similar concerns?
Am I paranoid?
Has everyone else already become one with the Borg?

Since publishing this post, it’s gotten a surprising amount of attention, most of it focused on Bill Harris’s marketing than with concerns about the potential of entrainment in advertising. 

But with all of the interest in Bill Harris himself, some of you might find this more recent post relevant:
How To Trash Your PR At The Touch Of A Button: Of Holosync, Bill Harris, and Silencing Critics

Please note that none of this has to do with the actual effects and/or usefulness of the Holosync system itself.  I’ll leave that up to you to decide, should you pony up the money to test it!

*Update Again!*

2010/10/5 An alert reader today pointed out to me a concern about this post and my current affiliate partnership with Transparent Corp, which sells a sort of DIY brainwave software and can conceivably be seen as competing with Holosync.  They’d wondered if I’d written it to intentionally divert search engine traffic to try and sell the competing products.  It wasn’t -  and I would, in fact, consider that unethical, making it all rather ironic.

When I wrote this post, I wasn’t an affiliate for competing products (If I recall correctly) and the ongoing response here has truly surprised and discomfited me – as I’m neither a fan, nor a foe of Holosync, and honestly think the Google Ranking Gods are crazy.  Still, in the interest of transparency, I’ve gone through the comments and made notations about the partnership, and think I caught them all, but it’s a LOT of comments, so I may have missed one or two!


MindTWEAK: What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself
Abraham Lincoln



I’ve recently had a number of “aggressively” worded comments left in this thread.  Please remember to keep your language clean and civil.  And under 500 words would be nice, too ;)

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1 Mike 07.19.07 at 1:11 am

Not so sure the skunk was killed, just sort of gave the rain forest a bad smell…

2 TRCoach 09.07.07 at 3:24 pm

I am on the second level of Holosync. I have been very impressed with the quality of the product and the extras they send with the tapes. (They send CD’s and books as extras.)They are very salesy but I see that as part of Bill Harris’ success and I try to learn as much as I can by his marketing.(as well as his books and CD’s).
Tom TRCoach

3 TRCoach 09.07.07 at 3:30 pm

Oh, I meant to mention that I wasn’t that worried about combining the sales pitch with the holosync. but I had already decided to purchase it and the intro was more of a preview. Tom (TRCoach)

4 Tori Deaux 09.07.07 at 9:01 pm

Hi Tom! Thanks for commenting on this. I’ve always been surprised it didn’t stimulate more discussion. I’m glad to hear you felt you’ve gotten your money’s worth, and that there are extras. There’s no doubt Bill Harris is a heck of a marketer.. I’m just not the right audience I guess!

5 TS 09.20.07 at 7:33 pm

I don’t agree that Harris is such a great marketer. After receiving his product he put me off it by his incessant grovelling for cash. Despite the lucid rationalisations (during retreat lectures) his voice and quips denotes a certain irritation, sarcasm and ponderousness entirely inconsistent with someone on any sort of elevated growth plane. It seems followers have become part of Bill’s ongoing personal struggle …


6 AJ 10.03.07 at 6:39 am

not a great marketer?… tacky… yes…, Bill ‘give me all your money’ Harris – absolutely…, one unpleasant individual – correct.

But you do the math 300,000 customers and growing rapidly with a decent proportion of that (hell, even if it was only 10%) forking out $US200+ a year each for what’s now essentially a generically burned CD-R of each level… I’d say he’s doing pretty nicely. And as he says himself in one of his many CRI scare posts… he’s made so much money he really doesn’t need yours (but he’ll go for it anyway!)

7 Leslie 11.08.07 at 5:09 am

I own the first set of CDs and I have experienced several emotions from them. Primarly, bliss to the point I cried while listening. The extra CDs are nice however, I co-use Kelley Howell Brain Sync CDs and find them as a great trade off so not to get bored every night.

My 4 year old cannot go to sleep without the RAIN now – although she doesn’t listen to it with headphones. The soothing sound lulls her to sleep. Basically, I envision my new reality that hasn’t manifested as yet so I guess you could say I use it as a story board where you are suppose to focus on what is posted on your board.

I have ordered the second CD where I wrote my own words in my own voice which is supposed to affect the subconscious mind more profoundly due to it more familiar in “taking orders” from myself. I’ll see what happens. I do know it was difficult coming up with a 5 minute script – took me 5 months after I paide to make the call and I still find things I forgot to say – I guess it isn’t in my subconsious.

8 Tony 03.06.08 at 8:57 pm

I also ordered the demo cd from centrepointe, only to very disappointed as well. I am not able to decide from the product ( or lack of product ) if it is something that would be useful to me….so I found another less costly route to go. I ordered the “Holothink” product, which is a knock off, of the same sort of technology, for a one time fee of $37. It doesn’t have multiple levels, but it does the trick for me. I have never needed a cd to meditate, as I have my own methods of reaching alpha, without aides, but it is a nice additional to the atmosphere of my meditation.

9 Tori Deaux 03.10.08 at 2:58 pm

Thanks for mentioning Holothink as an alternative, Tony. For those who really like the custom parts of the advanced Holosync, it’s worth checking out NeuroProgrammer2 or the new Mind Workstation from

Both products have the ability to add your own custom script to the session, like Leslie mentioned (and somehow I missed her comment until now – another product link to check out, cool)

*edited 2010/10/5 to add a disclosure that I’m currently an affiliate for TransparentCorp.

10 Viraj Perera 03.18.08 at 10:58 pm

It’s been 6 months since I started using Holosync. Like most users I ordered the Demo first. I wasn’t disappointed at all since I immediately experienced the Holosync ‘effect’ even during Bill’s description of the technology. So I immediately ordered the CDs and now I have gone to the second level (Awakening Level 1) plus I have ordered all the deeper levels (I am a Inner Circle Member) after experiencing dramatic changes. I have become a much calmer person, hardly get angry and I have strated ’seeing’ negative emotions and thoughts as they arise so I let go of them. I see how I have changed since I started the program. And how aure am I that Holosync did all this? I am absolutely certain.

I understand that Bill tedns to push you to try the technology in his brief during the demo. Rather than focusing on entertainment I was looking for something that offered mental growth and clarity in the demo and I found it. And I do not regret a single cent spent on the program because IT REALLY WORKS! There may be loads of other tricks and ways of doing the same but you will NEVER find a program that offeres quality service, friendly support staff and bonus material. I recommend the program without any reservations.

Do not analyse the demo too much and give up because you might miss something that would have changed your life for the better.

11 Tori Deaux 03.23.08 at 1:54 am

Hi Viraj,

I’ve no doubt, honestly, that Holosync works. The effects of brainwave entrainment (the technology underneath it) is well documented – combining it with hypnotic suggestion certainly works, too.

It’s the ethics of such blatant hypnosis in a sales pitch, the claims to ‘unique’ technology (which isnt unique) and the price of the Holosync program, that gives me pause.

I suppose that largely, what people are really paying the money for is trust and authority in the system. That in itself can make a program like this more effective than the exact same thing at 1/4 of the price.

But I don’t have to like it ;)

12 Dr. Lauren Kennedy-Smith 06.12.08 at 11:34 am

Hello – I have similar concerns and have had a patient query the program. I have been looking into it and I cannot (like you) find anything noxious…. But I worry about patient expectations. Nice placebo effect, at worse? Hopefully? Let’s find someone who can dissect these tapes… Or, when news is slow, get CNN on it.
Good work. Keep it up.

Dr. Lauren

13 Tori Deaux 06.12.08 at 12:22 pm

Oh, I’d love to see the a news networks jump on this one, Dr Lauren!

I’ve learned a lot about HS since reviewing this demo. The tracks *have* been analyzed and broken down by other entrainment experts, and the information on how to recreate HS sessions in other entrainment software is freely available. By all accounts *outside* of Holosync and its legions of fans, there really is nothing special or unique about the program or its technology – and the technology is old (even somewhat outdated).

I really suspect they’re harmless enough for most folks, though some people do have disturbing responses to ongoing entrainment (I think HS calls it “overwhelm”) and its worth keeping an eye on that – but I think what worries me most is the near cult-like dedication found in the community. With a suggestible client, that could be a real issue, I’d think.

14 Adam 06.30.08 at 6:06 pm

This is extactly the kind of article I’ve been looking for on the internet. Thank you for writing it.

I’ve been experimenting, you could say, with different relaxation/hypnosis audios for a couple years, but I always end up asking the same question — “Are these guys more than just slyly influencing me to buy their products?” I listened to CDs from Think Right Now for a several months and definitely got some benefit, but I hated the way they would throw in sentences like, “I enjoy listening to self-help material,” (Paraphrased) and a few of the other suggestions, and as a result I stopped listening.

I downloaded some audios last week from and I feel I can trust them, but who knows? They always mention their website at the end of each session (when you’re open to suggestion), but they’re not furtive about it, which is my biggest concern.

When I came across holosync today, I realized I had a CD that an acupuncturist had given me, which said “holosync” on it, so I popped it in and went to their website. I think you’re right, Tori, there’s something about it that’s creepy and kind of cultish. It’s relaxing all right — I’m still listening to it now — and I’m sure the program works to various degrees, but it’s claims made me immediately skeptical, and all the people linked between Holosync and The Secret threw up a red flag.

I’ve sort of learned to disassociate the product from the company. But not fully. It’s awful to allow yourself to be put in a trance or meditative state only to be protecting yourself the whole time against advertising. What kind of message is that sending to your deepest subconscious? Like you said, you’re paying for trust in the system; I suppose it takes time.


Adam Carter

15 Tori Deaux 07.01.08 at 11:04 pm

Hi Adam,

The line about “I enjoy listening to self-help material,” reminds me a lot of a sexual hypnosis recording someone sent to me once for an opinion. The woman’s voice was gorgeous, but it was full of suggestions that amounted to “You’ll be addicted to my voice, you’ll crave it.. you can’t wait for our next session…” etc. From a sales standpoint? Brilliant. From an ethical/ mental health stand point? Really scary.

You might want to check out the products available from Transparent Corp – they offer software that allows you to add entrainment and hypnotic sessions to your own soundtracks. If you do a search, a number of folks have analyzed the Holosync tracks and released the data, so you can create your own entrainment CDs, but be in total control of the session.

Oh, and.. you’re welcome!

*edited 2010/10/5 to add a disclosure that I’m currently an affiliate for TransparentCorp.

16 Claude 08.25.08 at 7:41 pm

What disturbs me is the fact that they give the impression that this initial product at 179$ is the whole show ? In reading the literature I found out about the other 12 levels and went to the website Products page. Well it should be called the Product page since no information is given concerning any other level. I had to call the sales dept. and even then it took the representive a few minutes to give me the information I wanted – 292$ for every other level and she wasn’t certain about any money back garantee. I wrote them back stating that I found their marketing approach manipulative. This for me is a turn off, which of course doesn’t mean that the product, oops, products are not worth the cost.

17 Lesley 08.26.08 at 6:08 pm

I received the cd in the post today. like you i was dissappointed as it didnt feel like a demo but just a recording of the marketing material that i had already read on the website, in the e-mails that they had sent to me and also in the literature that came with the cd.

I must admit that the music did sound relaxing but the sales pitch really put me off. Luckily i googled ‘holosync’ and found out that the $197 is only for one level. I wasnt aware of this before. This means that the whole program could effectively come to over $2000.00.

I am sure that the program is very effective but i do smell a rat when the marketing is so heavy. I am going to try a cheaper option and see how I get on. The claims are a bit grand for me.

18 Daniel Tourigny 09.06.08 at 5:40 am

I see this marketing controversy as a case of “in the eye of the beholder”. From Centrepointe’s (Bill’s) standpoint, it’s providing a product that benefits people’s lives and the ‘value’ to the customer is probably much greater than the total price they pay.

Then again, a part of me has issue with their reaping likely massive profits. I would love to see something like, “50% of profits donated to microlending projects in India.” Or maybe they could subsidize the program to the underprivileged. Really, as a consumer I’m looking for a feeling from what I buy and that would go a long way to making me feel better about all the money they’re making.

About the marketing strategy itself, I see the marketing strategy as ’slick’ in that it doesn’t give you the full cost up front, gets you on a multi-level program, and gives you tonnes of testimonials. And while they say you can stop at any level you want, how many people, when they get benefit of doing a little of something, actually stop? Never! They want more of what they feel is good for them!! So as long as Prologue does something (and from reviews it appears that it does), people will be ‘hooked’. And that’s exactly what a business wants — for people to love their product/service & want more of it.

Personally, I find the marketing to be a bit over-the-top in slickness and my skeptical side is leary. But because I realize their marketing is just that — promoting a product the best they can to get me to buy — I can look beyond it to the product itself and make a more objective choice. On the other hand, I don’t feel like I can completely trust them because getting me to buy appears to be more important than helping me. It doesn’t feel altruistic. (The taint of capitalist greed is in the air…)

On the other hand, to the masses who get manipulated into buying this product because of the slick advertising: well, it seems like a pretty good thing to get manipulated into buying!

I think those of us who are uncomfortable with the marketing are because we know better; we know the ‘tricks’ that make us “want”. The skeptical side of us puts up flags of caution, which is healthy. However personally I have learned to live with this as best as I can, because otherwise it can turn me off of an otherwise great product/service.

So, I have almost the opposite problem as the masses…while the more manipulative, go-with-the-flow sort might be taken into buying this product because of the way it’s marketed, I am initially very leary and must dig through to the ‘facts’ before deciding. It’s a lot more stress but hopefully worthwhile.

As a final note, I would hope that Centrepointe & Bill make more of an effort to be philanthropic, because it’s just so damn easy to get lost in ego when the rationalle is that it’s helping people.

As wise spiritual masters and traditions usually say: give, give, give. But even that is a matter of perspective. Only the giver can truly know if they are giving from the heart.

19 Gaye 11.06.08 at 6:31 pm

I was very disappointed in the demo. I ordered it after examining the product website for a couple of months and then waited about three weeks for it to get here because of Customs and then instead of a relaxing introduction, I spent all of about 5 minutes listening to a sales pitch for the product and shut it off. I couldn’t focus on the background music because of the voice so I have absolutely no idea if it would do anything or not. I think an additional recording without all the sales crap would have been nice. I might just check out that Holothink site.

20 Jim 11.27.08 at 10:45 am

I am on the third Holosync level and was into the program before Bill Harris become the uber-marketer he now is. And before he made the mistake of being associated with THE SECRET–the biggest pile of spiritual narcissim since the EST movement. I enjoyed the CDs but Bill’s constant marketing ploys truly got on my nerves. I wrote to him several times saying TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST but still kept getting mail from him about these “lifetime changing offers.” The pinnacle event was when he sent me a “personal” invitation to attend Genpo Roshi’s 5-5-50 event, which is FIVE people for FIVE days at FIFTY THOUSAND dollars!

I was shocked. Genpo Roshi is more of a con artist than Bill Harris! The workshop is actually just THREE days and who the hell needs to spend 50K for SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT!

Frankly, I find Bill Harris to be a small-minded individual who refuses to accept any responsibility for his actions. When I sent a certified letter to complain about Bill’s marketing tactics, the letter I received back from one of his minions proved to be nothing more than a form letter as I shared it with a former Holosync customer who also complained. In the letter, they basically say “it’s YOUR fault for not enjoying our marketing strategies” and that I must have a “problem.”

Bill Harris, Joe Vitale, James Ray, and anyone associated with THE SECRET truly just want to pander to the lowest common denomentator. And the way they teach, it’s YOUR FAULT if you don’t get what you want out of life…meaning they perpetuate victim consciousness. Hell, they are not victims because there are thousands of gullible fools who continue to use their products.

So pay your money and take your choice. But if you don’t like what you get from Holosync, don’t worry. There’s a sucker born every minute and Bill Harris banks on that every single day!

21 Tori Deaux 11.27.08 at 12:07 pm

@Jim Wow, 5 people for 5 days at 50 thousand dollars?

This stuff is why I stepped so far away from the various spiritual movements – I watched as circles of teachers and mentors formed, all backing up one another’s claims and supporting each others products. Anyone who pointed out their errors (and sometimes flat out lies) was just not enlightened enough to understand, and the whole system seemed built on the idea of making participants dependent so they’d keep buying books, card sets, and increasingly expensive workshops.

Some of them had valid information and helpful products (as I suspect Holosync can be) but those products were used as stepping stones to bigger, better marketing ploys.

Hang in there, next week I’m hoping to get a review up of a new book debunking some of these guru tips and tricks, with a special focus on The Secret.. I think you’ll like it!

22 Tom 12.02.08 at 12:34 am

Hi guys!

I have been reading about holosync and stuff and in the process i found something very cool named Xphirience. may very well be the next big thing.


(Note from Tori: Although this one looked a bit like automated spam to me, I approved it because some of you might indeed be interested. And apologies to Tom if he’s not a bot! )

23 Simon 12.04.08 at 8:47 am

I agree that the marketing around holosync is odious – and really makes one doubt the ethics of the people behind it. You never get the impression that are trying to spread enlightenment out of generosity and compassion. Contrast that with the far more humble, humourous and generous approach of someone like Thich Nhat Hahn.
However, I have just started using Holosync, and it does seem to be effective – though, of course, it could never live up to all the marketing claims made for it. For those who feel they would like to try it out without the excessive cost – or giving their name and address to the Centerpointe marketing team – I can only suggest you take a trip to *link to bit-torrent site edited out*

24 Karen 12.07.08 at 8:59 pm

Glad you are discussing this. I felt exactly the same way about my Holosync Demo. Now, although I feel the technology may be helpful to me, I cannot bring myself to give them my money. So I have begun researching similar programs not only for a better price, but also with a less aggressive marketing strategy. I would also feel better supporting a company that is using a portion of their profits for a good cause. Otherwise it seems that their technologies simply lead to self-serving behavior. Not what I would call enlightenment.

25 JD 12.14.08 at 7:40 pm

I am just wondering why music costs so much? Why do you have to buy a “course” to listen? I suppose they are teaching meditation, but I call it “zoning out”; like at work, home or anywhere for that matter. It can just happen. I listen to reiki, Kitaro, Stewart Dudley and others and find there “music” is my key. I like xphierence music and would buy it as an album if I could, but I don’t want to be guided by anothers ideas. I prefer to let my inner self guide me without outside direction or commentary.

26 Blueskygal 01.01.09 at 12:10 pm

I have been using Holosync since 2006. I have completed 3 levels of the progam and can say the program definately works! I have been overloaded with stressful events since childhood and purchased it to reduce stress. It has done that and more. I now have access to my inner “witness” that does allow me to observe behavior while I am doing it and change it. It is a powerful program.

That said – I agree with the reviews here that the marketing is obscene. It’s as if Bill Harris views his list as one big ATM machine for his latest offers. I too am turned off by the heavy marketing and “cult like” following Bill has achieved. Initially he really did seem to want to give value and help to others but this quickly turned to greed. I mark his emails as spam so I don’t have to read them. Occasionally one of them slips through. The worst for me was the headline “My Life Sucks.” Wow! You can’t get more insulting than that.

I think Bill has extreme self-confidence that is now arrogance and you know what they say – pride doeth come before a fall. Thanks to the comments here I will be researching alternatives as I can no longer afford the pricey levels now up to just under $200. When you view this against therapy it is a bargain especially because it does work – but my budget can no longer afford this.

Does anyone have experience with Holo Think? I’d like to hear what you have to say about it.

Initially Bill claims he is not pushing any religious view but the latest bonus CDs have him espousing an eastern religious point of view. I simply do not agree that we are BLANK than live than go back to BLANK. A little insulting to God’s greatest creation. It’s interesting how all these new age gurus are so into the materialistic side of life – like how to milk their lists of every last penny.

As to the Secret? Save yourself tons of money and read Catherine Ponder’s work. She is the real deal who has lived her talk. Her books are under $10 at amazon. I’ve been using her affirmations for years. They work.

27 PhilB 01.02.09 at 7:09 am

I’m a bit surprised Bill’s website is considered slick marketing. There’s many misspellings, various, radical font changes and 2 year old dates which put me off ordering and onto researching him and Holosync. Which brought me to MindTWEAKS.

Thanks to everyone for their input to help me arrive at my decision.

I’m more likely to subscribe to someone more professional in their marketing approach and, like Karen’s comment, donating a percentage of profits to a worthwhile cause. There is a certain smell of arrogance and/or “dodginess” with such a poor website.

I am a little curious as to what “tons of money” I’d be saving from not investing in The Secret, though. The only financial commitment seems to be in purchasing the DVD that’s cheaper than my favourite movie title…

I look forward to Tori’s review of the book debunking the various tips and tricks.

28 Tori Deaux 01.02.09 at 1:28 pm

I’ve fallen a bit behind on this thread, and apologies to those I’ve missed replying to. I still wanted to address a few things though…

@JD In the case of entrainment products like Holosync, you aren’t paying for the music, but for the entrainment and/or hypnotic suggestions embedded in the CD. In the case of Holosync, you’re also paying for the association with Holosync and the psychological impact that brings – some people think it’s worth it, some don’t. Some musical artists have been embedding entrainment in their work for decades now –

@Blueskygal Thanks for sharing the information about the newer bonus CD’s and their spiritual direction. It’s not surprising to me, somehow, that the company is heading down that path. There’s a lot of profit in pseudo-Eastern spirituality, and it’s been exploited in the west for a long time now.

As for the alternatives, I’ll try and put together a post about them in the next few weeks.

@PhilB It’s not the website itself that I find so slick (It hasn’t changed in years, so far as I can tell) but the over all marketing approach he’s taken.

And it’s just a guess, but maybe the tons of money that BlueSkyGal was referring to was less about the cost of the DVD, more about all of the workshops, seminars and other peripherals that have popped up around The Secret.

The review is still in the pipeline, I’ve just gotten a bit bogged down lately : )

29 olaf 01.16.09 at 6:12 pm

bought the awakening prologue cd listened to it for 3.5 months!
Over 90 hours! I gave it every opportunity in the book. And the final result nothing! Absolute junk! I am asking for my money back.
Maybe it works for some people but consider this: whether you believe in gravity or not – it works. The same should be said for a $180.00 CD.
It should work as advertised ON EVERYBODY! If it doesn’t work then they say “it’s your fault”. Typical marketing hype. You’ve been warned.
Ever hear of the ‘placebo’ effect? Case in point for those ’satisfied’ users.
If it doesn’t work on everybody – then it is a placebo.

30 Tori Deaux 01.16.09 at 7:40 pm

In Defense of Holosync

Olaf writes: “If it doesnt work on everybody – then it is a placebo”

Sorry you had such a bad experience Olaf, but your statement about placebo’s simply isn’t accurate.

If asprin doesn’t cure your headache, that doesn’t mean it’s a placebo or that people who take it are fooling themselves. Brainwave entrainment via binaural beats (the method used in the Holosync CD’s) is well documented, and you don’t need to “believe” in it for it to work. It has a measurable effect.

Different people do respond to entrainment in different ways, and they may respond to different frequencies in different ways. A few people may not notice any effects at all, for a variety of reasons.

When you say it doesn’t “work” for you, what sorts of results were you expecting? What sorts of results were you promised, that the product didn’t deliver on?

31 Pete 01.18.09 at 6:38 pm

What about Equisync (I think that’s what it’s called). I’ve heard that their product is exceptional and they sell it for far less than most others. Granted, I only had a chance to try the Holosync demo, but that alone was enough to turn me off to them… Any thoughts?

32 Tori Deaux 01.19.09 at 6:55 pm

@Pete I don’t have any experience with Equisync, but at first glance, the site looks reasonable enough, and lower in hype and exaggerated claims than most. I wish they had a demo, though — whether or not you like the sounds they use really matters! Please let me know if you decide to try it out!

I suspect we’ll be seeing more and more of these entrainment companies pop up; the technology isn’t nearly as magical and exclusive as some of them make it seem – check out the sidebar links for MindWorkstation and NeuroProgrammer to see how they do it.

33 Pete 01.20.09 at 12:17 am

I’m going to order it tonight, as it has a decent money back guarantee. I’ll post results here.

:) I hope it works. I’ve never had much success with these types of cds, which is why I considered Holosync (I assumed it was a quality issue). That and I’m kind of scared of the thought of screwing up my brain waves (irrational, I know).

34 olaf 01.20.09 at 4:14 pm

Tori – here is the link advertising the benefits of HS:

to put it another way – if I was paying $1.95 for an entrainment cd and it didn’t work – well – you get what you pay for. However when you are paying $180.00 for a CD and you don’t experience ANY of the touted benefits – then I believe that this deserves mention. Their website states that effects are usually noticed within weeks or at the most a month – but nothing after well over 3 months of use?
“Not only that, within a very short period of time—days or weeks instead of years or decades—you could begin receiving all the benefits I just mentioned—the physical health benefits, the mental health benefits, the clarity-of-mind benefits, the relationship benefits, and the overall sense of well-being benefits.”

You don’t agree with my terminology of “placebo”? Read this definition: *clip of Wikipedia’s definition, available here *

When I contacted Bill about it he just said ‘talk to support” Well I have talked to support – (talk about passing the buck)! Support just says well…it could take longer on some people…well I ‘d like something a little more concrete – at what point do you say enough is enough? Do I waste a years worth of meditation time only to hear them say at the end…”well I guess it doesn’t work on everybody…here’s your money back.” As for your analogy about aspirin – try something a little stronger – general anaesthetic – works on everybody. Period. This product is being touted as the greatest aid to meditation the world has ever seen. “Meditate deeper than a Zen Monk – at the touch of a button”!
When I talked to support and suggested that maybe I have a much stronger “threshold” than they presumed did they offer me another stronger level? No. What does that tell you? If they are so intent on helping people why would they not accomodate a reasonable request? I stand by my assertion and my statement. I took this product and the accompanying instructions very seriously and feel that Centerpointe really dropped the ball on this one. I know that it is difficult for the ‘converted’ to accept contrary results and the inference that Centerpointe takes in the unsaid assumption – if it doesn’t work – it must be your fault…I am just telling it like it is. If it works for you great – but I would like Centerpointe to be a little more honest and state that it “may not work for everybody.
Quote: We feel very confident, after over 18 years of investigation and hundreds of thousands of hours of use (not to mention at least 12 years of research in this field by others prior to my own involvement), that the program is 100% safe and will deliver to you an absolutely remarkable, positive, life-changing experience.

Enough said.

35 Tori Deaux 01.22.09 at 11:50 pm

Hi again, Olaf…

Just to be clear: I’m not defending their over hyped sales claims, just the idea that entrainment with binaural beats (which is what HS uses, along with many other companies) does have genuine measurable effects on the brainwaves of most people. Those effects go beyond those that can be attributed to a placebo.

I must say I am impressed with your sense of discipline, if you went through 3 months of listening even though you weren’t getting any results! I agree, its important to let people know that not everyone responds to the technology… that way you would have known to give up much sooner.

I get the sense you’re done with the whole idea, but if you’re still even vaguely interested in entrainment, check out the info at TransparentCorp — if you download their free trial, you’ll get the user manuals which are *really* helpful in understanding the different methods and frequencies.

Did you get your refund?

*edited 2010/10/5 to add a disclosure that I’m currently an affiliate for TransparentCorp.

36 olaf 01.26.09 at 4:05 pm

Hi Tori – yes I was underwhelmed at Bill’s and Centerpointe response to my results…and I have asked for a refund. I guess that they just want to sweep the whole thing under the rug – I guess they’re making too much money to really give a damn. But again my original intent was to make other people aware that their product does not work on everybody – contrary to their claims.

37 Zed 04.09.09 at 8:56 pm

Just wanted to say that I just tried the demo and my curiousity is peeking already.

I felt that yes, there was a lot of marketing, but during the sessoion (I was laying down) I felt it almost impossible to open my eyelids, and I started laughing (like a deep, genuine giggle) most of the time to myself.

Afterwards, I am like a zombie. Go upstairs, and my fecisious room mate makes a comment I would usually get riled up about, and I am just not bothered! Was in a calm state for most of the night, and slept like a baby last night!

I guess some people respond better to things like this? – I was chosen as a ‘good contestant’ for hypnosis at camp when my arm raised up like a balloon in a test trial – and others didn’t.

Going to try and use the demo again and am rly considering the product – for calm purposes alone (as I am generally an irritable person, I’ll admit.)

38 novice 04.12.09 at 11:32 am

I found the article and the thread of comments extremely fascinating and inspiring me to do a little extra exploration on my own via google… and now I’m wondering if discussion couldn’t perhaps be lent to such software for apple/mac users? everything out there seems geared to the windows world… (perhaps mac users are already ‘enlightened’ and ‘relaxed’? :)

39 Tori Deaux 04.17.09 at 1:13 am

Hi novice…
you made me laugh with the image of mac users being so enlightened they don’t need entrainment products. Apple should incorporate that in their ads.

You might check out SBaGen which has a Mac version.

BwGen is supposed to work with PC Emulators. I’m not sure how well TransparentCorp’s products work that way, but it might be worth downloading the trials to see.

Anyone else familiar with Mac programs for entrainment?

40 Karen Scotland 04.21.09 at 3:00 am

As a Holistic Health Counsellor I was searching for something to help me break past a mental blockage and also something to help others in my work of counselling. I found Holosync and ordered the demo CD. As I knew what I needed and read the sales letter about Holosync, I found that the demo CD actually is very powerful while Bill Harris is talking and yes I used the last few minutes to enjoy the sounds. I monitored the changes I felt and told my children and several close friends to order the demo CD as I felt it would help each of them with their various problems. One of my friends is from a military background and knew the benefits of what this CD would bring, as they use it in the military. I look forward to starting the full programme very soon even with the cost.

41 Shannon 04.23.09 at 1:56 am

I tried the demo a year ago and was impressed because I am seriously insomnia prone and I actually fell asleep during it! – I woke up to the sales pitch- in more ways than one I guess- but still I immediatley wanted to buy the program. I thought the price was off-putting and never did…though here I am reading everyone’s experiences with fascination and still wondering if I would ever experience that bliss of falling asleep sooo quickly on a regular basis…? I listened to the demo many times for that result, but my innate ‘apprehension’ of being disturbed by the talking ruined the effect for me, very sadly.
If anyone would love to sell me their used Cds, I would certainly enjoy paying a decent price to you and not filling the pockets of Mr Harris who I personally feel is overcharging people, making it darn near impossible for me to support, although, admittedly, I feel his product could be very helpful.

42 Tori Deaux 04.23.09 at 2:41 am


If you don’t find a used copy at a price you like, there are some other options, several with free trials.

Pzizz is a wonderful little program for insomnia you might want to try out – and the company offers a free sample of what it produces. I’m not crazy about their new marketing-hype website, but the product itself really is pretty spectacular. You can find my review here Pzizz

You can also download the free trials of the Transparent Products linked in the sidebar… MindStereo, MindWorkstation or NeuroProgrammer all have settings to help with sleep, and if on their forums, you’ll find folks who have figured out the settings to duplicate the Holosync CDs. There’s a review of MindStereo here MindStereo. and MindWorkstation is pricier, but does a lot of REALLY cool stuff :)

Or you can check out some of the Holosync alternatives mentioned by folks in this thread : )

*edited 2010/10/5 to add a disclosure that I’m currently an affiliate for TransparentCorp. I also was an affiliate for Pzizz at one time, though that’s not currently active. It’s still a rockin’ little product, though!

43 Shannon 04.23.09 at 9:24 am

wow Tori, thank you so much! Ya, I am wondering if I really need the holsync program if my main intention is to soley be able to deeply relax enough to regularily fall into sleep…But someow I am wary of purchasing another program because I already know I did experience an incredible trial with the demo…If I can find a used holosync program, I would be grateful. In the meantime, I look forward to checking out these other ones- if only to gain more understanding of all this better. Bliss U!

44 Brian 05.03.09 at 1:16 pm

Anyone else have similar concerns?
Yes Yes Yes
Am I paranoid?
No you are not

Complete letdown. Waste of a promo. Waste of Shipping expense. Waste of Packaging. Waste of time – and Yes the whole group who are involved with
this demo CD should be ashamed

45 Eve 05.12.09 at 7:38 pm

I listened to the demo and afterward I did NOT have an overwhelming desire to buy the program. Still haven’t bought it.

46 dean 06.01.09 at 8:34 am

Yep, Me too. Thought the demo cd was suspect in the way it marketed hs over the entrainment track. Really disapointed, especially after writing to hs support telling them I didnt like the voice over. They suggested i should buy the product to hear it without the sales pitch -after all “It has a money back guarantee” Bye bye, Im looking into one of the many other products out there.

47 Duff 06.27.09 at 12:39 am

I am critical of Holosync’s marketing too, after becoming a customer years ago and going through the first level. I had never before considered the ethics of sales with entrainment, but clearly this is a concern if there is any effect to suggestion with entrainment at all (in other words, if Holosync works, then their sales demo is manipulative).

I think Harris was an early proponent of increasing delta binaural beats for meditative results (not the inventor, but an early promoter), which I find a valuable contribution–although there is some debate as to the usefulness of this protocol for all people.

I challenged Harris on his blog recently about his marketing, especially that Holosync doesn’t answer ethical or political questions. He accused me of having “an anti-marketplace shadow.” I replied by saying that I don’t think psychological shadow work will necessarily turn me into a libertarian!

Anyway, thanks again for this blog post.

48 Patrick 07.01.09 at 5:47 pm

Awakening Prologue is all you need. Buy it used on ebay. Bill Harris is a business man plain and simple. If you spend hundreds of dollars or even over one thousand, you are a Sucker and have been suckered in to the false promise of reaching any kind of ‘enlightenment’ or ‘bliss’. Forget about yogi’s that meditate and reach ‘deep’ states of mind. If you live good and be of service to others, and practice being still each day, you will grow in to an understanding far deeper than any brain entrainment will give you. Don’t be fooled, he’s out for your money.

49 Tori Deaux 07.02.09 at 5:32 am

@Duff Hey Duff, good to see you here : )

“In other words, if Holosync works, then their sales demo is manipulative”

‘zactly! I don’t think it’s a huge concern, really – it just struck me the wrong way when I tried out the demo, and it still strikes me as wrong. Another revealing bit is that Holosync hasn’t updated the protocols or technology they use, when the research has moved way beyond where they are.

And you made me laugh about the ‘anti-marketplace shadow” bit. That’s one thing I never could stand about the New Age movement – any criticism at all is deflected back at the critic.

Clearly, the Emperor HAS clothes, we’re just not enlightened enough to see it ;)

@Patrick Hey now, don’t go throwing the baby out with the bathwater! ; ) Learning to be still is the core of meditation in and of itself, and has the potential to physically alter your brain. “Deep” states of mind do exist, as does “enlightenment” (though the definition is likely up for debate).

50 Anthony 07.06.09 at 2:43 am

HI all,
I havent had a chance to read through this whole thread, i havent purchased holosync yet, i accidentally stumbled accross it the other week, anyway i though it cant hurt to get a free demo, i had a skip through it, i have no doubt it works and may have been interested in it until i discovered the price, i will definately give the demo a fair go though. Over a month ago i purchased the Xphirience triple pack, a lot better on price and its not binaural, the guy who invented it calls it a bliss code and is based on the golden ratio, kinda like a mathematical code from my understanding. I listened to the 9 min demo, i sat comfortably, the feeling i got was good from the first time i listened to it, my legs actually felt a little heavy after. I have just started meditating again, i struggle with it, the bliss code is helping me, i have had some really good session with it, i sometimes get light headed and very relaxed, i went on holidays a few weeks ago, it was a 9 hr flight, i listened to it during the flight with my eyes closed and was kinda consciuosly sleeping and having mini dreams or i may have been meditating, i had my mate listen to it on the plane also and had the same expirience as me, we both also lost sense of time.

The guy offers a good service, i paid with paypal and downloaded straight away, he replied to my emails instantly and is very appreciative for feedback, i am yet to give a proper review to him or on the net about this product but i am very happy with the it, u may see my review on his site soon. I am in not affiliated with this product, i have not found much info floating around about exphirience and i think it deserves some feeback. It might not be for everyone but it cant hurt to try the demo and there is no talkin over it, just make sure you are really comfortable and relaxed when listening.

heres a link to the his site and to the demo.

About the product

Demo at the bottom of this page

thanks for reading and hope you enjoy


51 Amoripaz 07.08.09 at 6:28 pm

I find the Holosync marketing completely obnoxious. I kept asking myself that if this great product, which Mr. Harris undoubtedly uses, results in this type of relationship to other people (manipulative, strategic, rather than straightforward and honest) then No, Thank You.

What do the readers think of Jeffrey Thompson’s cds? I’ve used the Delta System and the Gamma System for years and both have had an enormously calming effect. Also wondering what people think of Kelly Howell’s work? Are these two people using the same kind of binaural technology as Holosync?

52 Tori Deaux 07.08.09 at 9:33 pm

@Anthony Thanks for offering up that review, Anthony – I don’t mind relevant recommendations one bit : )

@Amoripaz You might hop over to the Transparent Corp forums and ask there about the type of entrainment that Thompson and Howell use. There are a few pretty knowledgable folks over there who have the ability to analyze tracks and see what sorts of overlays are on them – they may have already taken a look at the particular products you mentioned or otherwise be familiar with them.

Anyone else with answers to Amoripaz’s questions is welcome to jump in here, of course!

*edited 2010/10/5 to add a disclosure that I’m currently an affiliate for TransparentCorp. Just ’cause ;)

53 Amoripaz 07.09.09 at 12:51 am

Thanks, Tori. You’ve created a very nice forum with MindTweaks. Your tone is warm, friendly, informative.

54 Stephen Warrilow 07.14.09 at 1:26 pm

Well I am interested to have found this site and this discussion.

I have used Holosync for several years now and can confirm the general positive comments that others have shared.

My concern is (a) about the marketing that Bill Harris uses to promote Holosync and (b) the “tone” – attitude and defensive/aggressive stance he takes to anyone who questions his commercial attitudes and behaviours.

With regard to (a) I have nothing more to add to what many others have said about this already and I broadly agree with most of what has been said.

However, I was interested to see Duff contributing to this discussion and his report of a recent posting on Bill Harris’s blog.

I read that blog as well and I was horrified at Harris’s dismissive put down and aggressive stance towards Duff. In fact I posted a challenge to Harris about what he said and more importantly how he said it – stating that I felt it is entirely appropriate to raise for discussion whether he sees himself as a spiritual teacher or a business man – and the issues surrounding that. I also said that I did not have a fixed view on the subject and neither was I commenting from any direct affinity or affiliation with Duff.

My post was not posted.

However, last night I posted again on the latest blog and this time it was posted and Harris replied to my post and got quite agitated and aggressive with me. I have to confess that my tone was rather challenging and a little [maybe too] confrontational [I was annoyed that he hadn't published my first post] – but deliberately so, to see what reaction it prompted…

As someone else has already commented – can you imagine Thich Nhat Hanh behaving like that? More pertinently can you imagine TNH generating that kind of feeling?

I see today that he is taking exactly the same stance with someone else who quite innocuously registered some discomfort at his commercialism.

What also concerns me is that he has know way of knowing anything about the state of mind and general emotional and spiritual state of the person with whom he is adopting such an aggressive and dismissive stance. This seems to me to be ungracious as a minimum, and potentially quite irresponsible…

I have found considerable benefit in using Holosync and also in a lot of Harris’s teaching and explanations and courses. He certainly does add value and I don’t doubt has helped very many people.

But this attitude concerns me as he has many followers – many of whom are vulnerable… and this attitude is completely at odds with his message.

Stephen Warrilow

55 Patrick 07.15.09 at 5:15 am

Who has he helped? He has helped himself get Rich! It’s not about others, don’t be so gullible. Business men/women are about profiting. The product is no better than any other I have meditated with other the past 8 years.

I wouldn’t give anyone with his attitude a second look. We very well know he is not a very enlightened individual if that was his behavior.

Be still and meditate, connect to that part in you that is divine and Awaken! Know that nothing can change you but you! Their is no escaping life but you can reach states of peace and fulfillment through your living choices and deep contemplation.

Take the money and help those in great need and see your self awaken.

56 Tori Deaux 07.15.09 at 10:26 am

Hi Stephen,

I wandered over to Bill Harris’s blog, found and read the exchanges you guys had there. It gave me a headache, which I blame on you & Duff ;) (just kidding, it’s because of the 104 degree heat )

But after reading, it’s clear that Bill has changed hats from “marketer of binaural beat meditation CD’s” to “marketer of himself as spiritual teacher” . Predictably, I’m not impressed by how he’s presenting himself, and I’ll probably stop giving Holosync the benefit of the doubt.

Whether it’s a spiritual system or just an entrainment track matters – if I’m buying entrainment, Bill’s personal beliefs and attitudes don’t affect me beyond how they impact customer service.

But if I’m buying into a spiritual system, his beliefs and attitudes matter a LOT – and the way he treats people who question him is kind of astounding. Thanks for contributing to the thread, and bringing this to my attention.

@Patrick While I appreciate the core of your points, I’d prefer the discussion steer clear of advice on awakening, and any snarkiness towards other commenters.

Please remember this is not primarily a spiritual blog, and most of the readership is here because of an interest in the more concrete, testable effects of entrainment, not the spiritual applications. Thanks :)

57 Stephen Warrilow 07.17.09 at 1:33 pm

Hi Tori

Just to complete the saga of the Bill Harris blog re the issue of “Business man or spiritual teacher” – I see there have been others touching on the same subject and in one recent response he says:

“Am I a businessman? Guilty. Do I do my best to skillfuly describe the benefits of what I sell so that people like you will want it? I sure do. Do I hope to make as much money as possible? You bet. Do I do it by doing the best I can to provide value to our customers? Absolutely. Do I, in fact, try to over-deliver on what I’ve promised? Yes, I do. Do I feel good about making a living helping people have a better life? Absolutely.”

So there we have it.

I feel he has now stated quite clearly how he sees himself and what he offers – and we can all evaluate his entrainment product together with his philosophical/spiritual thoughts in this context.

Stephen Warrilow

58 Ronald 07.23.09 at 2:46 am


What if Bill Haris has embedded subliminal marketing messages which makes people addicted to his product and want to move to more advanced levels.

Who knows what the subliminal messages are.
But no doubt it works. I have used it for my studies and have achieved 95% in all my exams. Before I was a total failure.

59 Tori Deaux 07.23.09 at 9:56 am

Hi, Ronald!

You don’t have to worry about undetectable subliminal messages being hidden; even if they are/were there, hidden subliminal messages simply don’t work. (they’ve been tested many, many times and ways) The only marketing on the Demo is in the words you can hear.

You also don’t need to worry about being “addicted” to Holosync – entrainment just nudges your brain into certain natural brainwave states – think of it as sort of an exercise for your brain. You could start to crave it, I suppose, but that’s just your brain telling you it needs to shift into that state for a while. And there are plenty of other ways to reach that state.

And congrats on your improvement in your studies!

60 Tori Deaux 07.23.09 at 10:06 am


Thanks for providing that quote. I’ve been honestly surprised to see that he’s moved so far into the “spiritual teaching” realm. Creating an entrainment product, producing hypnosis tracks with it and building a successful business around it does not make someone spiritually enlightened, but it’s a trap even Oprah seems to fall into lately!

61 Amoripaz 07.23.09 at 12:50 pm


Picking up on your statement to Ronald “there are plenty of other ways to reach that state”…what have you found to be equally or most effective?

Many thanks!

62 JDnMN 07.30.09 at 7:03 pm

I was actually listening to BH on a webinar a bit ago, and I had to quit listening. Being nice, I’ll just say that it reminded me why, when I was researching entrainment products last year, I decided to go with the Life Flow products (Google ‘Life Flow’ and go to the Project Meditation site). Just no warm-fuzzy regarding him on my part, though that may just be me; there seem to be a lot of folks who like his stuff.

For Amoripaz, I can say the LF stuff is pretty decent. I was pretty spotty in my use until I got laid off earlier in the year, and have actually been using the tracks regularly since then. The tracks do work, seem to be good quality to me, and there’s a lot of complimentary complementary (pun intended) materials available (how to meditate, guided meditations, specialty tracks, exercises, support, user forums, updates without getting squeezed to buy something else…). Two of the free tracks are for creativity and learning, and they seem to work well for me.

I went the full monty on their program (10 CD’s, e-delivery), so am not sure if it’s included or not nowadays, but in the spring they released some new gamma-level tracks which they wouldn’t let me download until I’d received my final track. Talk about something that will diddle with your synapses! LOL Seriously–you can REALLY feel those tracks working.

So, there’s my two cents; hope it helps someone. My only complaint is that I haven’t learned to levitate yet… ;o)

63 Kym 08.21.09 at 8:33 am

Hello Tori and all,

I have to say I’m extremely happy to have found this discussion.

I’ve been researching Holosync after receiving a promotional e-mail through David Wolfe’s (the longevity guy) list. Apparently, he has a massive list so I imagine Bill Harris will be doing a lot of business through that connection.

From reading this thread, it looks like my initial concern of HS turning my brain to cheese over the long term may be unfounded. ;-) However, in my search, I did read a comment from someone who mentioned ‘withdrawal’ symptoms when she stopped using HS.

You say above that it is not possible to be addicted to HS, but I do wonder about becoming reliant on it. If you did stop using it, wouldn’t you just go back to square zero with the associated emotional distress from losing your state of calm?

Just throwing this out there.

64 Kym 08.21.09 at 8:35 am

PS: Thanks greatly for the recommendations about the sleep programs. That is primarily why I’m interested in HS.

65 Tori Deaux 08.24.09 at 4:52 pm

Hi Kym!

Ok, here’s my take on the withdrawal/addiction thing. Please take it with a whole truckload of salt, because I’m *not* an expert on the subject!

Entrainment really shouldn’t be addictive, and much of the benefit should stick around even if you stop the entrainment. The idea behind many entrainment techniques is that you’re training your brain to shift more easily into various dominant brainwave patterns, and/or training it to shift in a more unified way (I’ve seen protocols for depression that are intended to shift the two hemispheres of the brain differently) That sort of training should stick around.

Many if not all of the claims of relieving emotional distress come from the benefit of shifting into a deep and relaxing brainwave state, one that’s akin to meditation. So I’ll use the analogy of meditation – if someone practices meditation for years, when they stop, yes, they may feel disrupted, off kilter, and off balance.

That’s for two reasons… first, they’ve disrupted a long term habit and ritual. (We feel similarly off balance if our morning getting-ready-for-work routine gets disrupted)

Second, they’re no longer putting their brain into that restorative, meditative state – and now that they’re used to feeling that calm, it feels wrong without it. They’re more aware of stresses they might have previously dismissed as “Normal”.

One way to minimize that sense of a disrupted habit is to use something like Transparent Corp’s products, where you can vary the music and background sounds. That way, your brain isn’t being trained to shift states in response to particular set of sounds which might not be available to you in the future. That might be useful especially in terms of insomnia – I’d hate to train myself to fall asleep each night to a particular set of sounds, and then not be able to sleep while on vacation because I forgot the CD!

Does that answer your questions at all? If not, ask again – it’s a pretty complex set of ideas to smoosh together in a comment thread ;)

*edited 2010/10/5 to add a disclosure that I’m currently an affiliate for TransparentCorp. Those of you reading might also check out Sharm, another do-it-yourself commercial DIY entrainment program that I’m not affiliated with. I’ve run their trial, and it will certainly do the job, too.

66 Kym 08.26.09 at 11:26 am

Hi Tori,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I’ve known about entrainment for a while but am just really starting to check it out now so your insights are very useful. With a bit of luck, in the not too distant future, I’ll be able to add something to what you’ve said above. Thanks again.

67 Trevor Sloan 10.06.09 at 6:57 am

One bone I have to pick with Bill Harris and Holosync is the constant claim that the program is based on “hard science.” In fact, the marketing material cites ZERO published, peer-reviewed scientific references. I can find no empirical evidence that Holosync actually produces any benefit. People report that they feel some relaxation, but there’s no evidence of physiological changes showing rest any deeper than ordinary eyes-closed relaxation (as while listening to soothing music or any relaxation CD). Of course there should be some relaxation, but “meditate as deeply as a Zen Monk—instantly”? Where’s the proof? So much hype it’s unbelievable.

Anyway, I did try it out of curiosity. I have also been practicing a well-known meditation technique for over 20 years. (I won’t say what kind to avert being accused of promoting the technique I practice. Suffice it to say, this meditation technique actually has been thoroughly researched, with 350 peer-reviewed research studies showing it’s effects. Clue: it’s not mindfulness.)

THERE IS NO COMPARISON! In meditation, I transcend to the deepest, most blissful level of the mind and overtime find tremendous growth of pure consciousness in daily activity. With Holosync, there is no “transcending” because the “listening” keeps attention active and engaged on the surface levels of sound. It actually restricts the mind from going to the deepest levels. I borrowed an advanced kit from a friend (who quit) to see if the higher level CDs were any different. They are nothing like the real experience of pure, transcendental consciousness.

Learn the real thing.

68 Shannon D. 10.08.09 at 12:51 am

Hello All,

Wow, this string has been going on a long time. I just stumbled across it and thought I would leave a little comment. I have been listening to Holosync for about 6 years now. There end up being 13 levels total and I am on level 8. My entire life has completely transformed for the better and I am not at all the same person I was when I first started. They call the first level “Awakening Prologue” and for me, that was a very accurate description of what happened. I felt as if I had been asleep my entire life and I literally “woke up”. I have told several people about the program who have also started the journey and all have had great experiences. I can honestly say that Holosync has absolutely been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have developed self-confidence, peace, happiness, more money, happier and healthier relationships, flexibility in my thinking and my actions, and become very self-aware. I continue to grow with the program every single day. I can’t even imagine how amazing my life will be when I get to the end of the program. I could never have envisioned all that has happened so far and the road from where I was to where I am might as well be two different universes.

Like a lot of people who contributed here, I at first was wary of the marketing I received. But the product is so amazing and worth 10 times what they charge for it, that I just overlooked that and focused on the results I was experiencing. I don’t read Bill Harris’ blog posts very often, so I don’t have much to comment on that. I tend to be more of a soloist, and do my own thing. But for me, the program stands alone and after all this time I know it’s the real deal and worth every penny. I now make a 6 figure income that continues to expand (because I have learned to be flexible and can see possibilities where I didn’t before) so for me the program has more than paid for itself. This has been my truth, but I also understand completely that we are all on a different path and different things work differently for all of us.

I’ve seen people do all kinds of things. Some people don’t really believe anything will work. Some truly don’t want to change. In order for anything like this to work, I think you really have to want to make your life better and want to grow. I was in that state when I started with Holosync and I have continued to stay in that state throughout. And it has been the perfect tool to help me get a new life and find much happiness. I wish everyone well and hope you find the road to your own personal happiness and fulfillment whatever that may be.

69 Trevor SLoan 10.08.09 at 2:32 pm

Why do so many of the Holosync-supportive comments sound like they were written by Bill Harris’s very zealous marketing team?

I think blogs like this are losing credibility as they become marketing tools for companies promoting their products. Nobody believes them anymore—along with the t00-good-to-be-true comments like some of these above.

70 Tori Deaux 10.08.09 at 4:05 pm

@Trevor Honestly? That’s pretty cynical – and I’m a bit cynical most days, myself.

Holosync definitely has it’s supporters – it’s a hugely successful product line, and happy customers are as expected as unhappy ones.

And sure, some positive comments could be from the PR department, but I’d hope they’d contact me directly and ask for a full review of the product – it’d be cheaper than hiring someone to write long comments ;)

I do get some obvious PR type comments on MindTweaks from time to time, and I’m pretty particular about what gets through. Unless they add obvious value or introduce a related product readers might want to know about, I delete them. And when a comment is a glowing review, like Sharon’s, I run it through Google, just to be sure it’s not a cookie cutter cut and paste job. Ironically, I’ve had more of those cookie cutter type comments from people who seemed to have an agenda *against* companies (including Holosync) than for them.

As for credibility — reviews are only as credible as their authors. Please don’t confuse the credibility of a blog itself with the credibility of near-anonymous comments.

71 Tori Deaux 10.08.09 at 4:11 pm

@Sharon I wanted to thank you for your comment – I think this thread has been an interesting back and forth, with a good balance of opinions and resluts. Being familiar with entrainment, meditation and various spiritual trance techniques, I have no doubt that you could have the results you did… and kudos to you for getting there!

72 Tori Deaux 10.08.09 at 4:40 pm

@Trevor (x2!) pardon me while I play catchup ;)

You wrote:
“One bone I have to pick with Bill Harris and Holosync is the constant claim that the program is based on “hard science.” In fact, the marketing material cites ZERO published, peer-reviewed scientific references.”

I’m not aware of any studies specifically on Holosync, but the effects of brainwave entrainment (and specifically, the binaural beats that HS uses) is widely documented. The best resource I’ve seen to date is Dr Tina Huang’s study of peer reviewed research on the topic, which unfortunately is no longer available online (I’m sure you can still order a copy of the journal it appeared in.)

That whole Deeper than a Zen Monk thing is all hype, though, you’re right.

Disciplined meditation and entrainment are different tools, and both can be used to reach any number of goals. I think entrainment can be a valuable tool in learning to meditate, and might well lower the learning curve for some people by training their brains to slip into the slower brainwave patterns – but it won’t automatically create all of the other benefits found from various meditation disciplines, like, say… discipline ;) Or compassion. Or anything else meditation might focus on.

You also wrote:
“With Holosync, there is no “transcending” because the “listening” keeps attention active and engaged on the surface levels of sound. It actually restricts the mind from going to the deepest levels. “

I disagree with you here; in my experience with entrainment products, and more ‘traditional’ methods like drumming, rattling, Tibetian bowls, chanting, etc… part of the trick is to NOT listen, but to let the sound carry you. After a bit, you simply don’t hear it anymore. In shamanic methods, the drummer often ends the trance period by changing the sound – which finally draws the practioner’s attention back to the external world. Mind you, that’s not specific to Holosync, but to the method that the products use.

You also wrote:
I have also been practicing a well-known meditation technique for over 20 years. (I won’t say what kind to avert being accused of promoting the technique I practice. Suffice it to say, this meditation technique actually has been thoroughly researched, with 350 peer-reviewed research studies showing it’s effects. Clue: it’s not mindfulness.)

From those clues, and the defensiveness … I’ll guess it’s Transcendental Meditation? You’re free to mention it. And I won’t accuse you of promoting it unless you drop a link and a coupon code here ;) What on earth made you think you’d be criticized for it? Do I sound like that much of a meanie?

73 Trevor 10.09.09 at 8:56 am

The claim that the effects of brain entrainment itself “are widely documented” seems unsupported. Tina Huang’s review identified about 20 studies, a random grouping of small, preliminary studies, not well controlled, with small effect sizes—far from qualifying the therapeutic effects of brain entrainment as “widely documented.”

There’s evidence of the neurophysiological phenomenon called brain entrainment. But regarding lasting benefits in daily life we’re relying on anecdote and personal reports, which are quite mixed. In the scientific literature there’s also mixed results. People practicing it are guinea pigs.

I don’t want to undermine anyone’s good experiences with Holosync and similar products, but by practicing any of the varieties of brain entrainment, you’re entrusting your nervous system not to an enlightened Zen master or great Vedic rishi who upholds the expertise of a venerated tradition, but to a marketing expert and an untested, made-made technology. You could argue that people practicing Holosync are entrusting themselves to their own personal experience. But just know that you’re involved in an experiment on the human brain (yours), which may be the most complex, delicate instrument in the universe.

The term “transcending” can mean different things: a hypnotic “spiritual trance,” to settle into the “relaxation response,” to float away in guided meditation—or to go beyond all sensory and mental phenomenon to experience “pure awareness” (called “turiya” in Sanskrit, meaning ” the 4th state of consciousness,” the Cosmic Self or Atma). Transcending in this sense has been found by numerous studies to correspond with a distinct physiologic state, including a unique brain wave pattern: heightened alpha coherence throughout the entire brain. Coherence means the brain waves are “in phase” (moving up and down together in the same frequency). Coherence is a precise mathematical derivative, not a metaphysical concept.

Alpha coherence is correlated with increased intelligence and creativity, increased neurological efficiency, improved moral reasoning, and other positive effects, all identified through peer-reviewed research (Consciousness and Cognition, 8, 302-318, 1999; International Journal of Neuroscience 14: 147–151, 1981; etc.).

Brain wave coherence, induced naturally and internally through meditation, is very different from entrainment, produced externally and artificially.

If there’s a higher state of consciousness produced through Holosync, then it’s scientifically testable, as is ‘transcending.’ Why haven’t HoloSync and other entrainment companies produced peer-reviewed studies to support their claims? These entrainment products have been around for many years, and no empirical verification has been forthcoming.

Huang’s review of the research:

Discussion about Huang’s review:

A Yale neurologist:

“The standards for medical devices or anything with health claims needs to be higher than those for dishwashing detergent.”

“The plausibility of therapeutic or performance claims for brain wave entrainment are very low. There is no established mechanism for a specific effect for entrainment, and the explanations given … are vague and unconvincing. They really don’t provide a mechanism at all…they discuss the mechanisms of entrainment but not how that can relate to any improved performance.”

The science of meditation has come far, with over a thousand peer-reviewed studies showing positive effects. I urge Holosync, if they’re serious about furthering our knowledge and technologies for higher consciousness, to invite independent researchers to evaluate side-effects and determine if any of the marketing claims—which lure people to buy their products—are true.

74 Shannon D. 10.09.09 at 10:41 pm

Hi Tori,

I’m new to these blog posting type things and hope I didn’t step on any toes. After seeing your new comments, I now understand that this is your space and you are the host. I keep learning new things every day in the Internet world. :) I just literally stumbled in here looking up some stuff on Holosync and thought it might be helpful to post some positive comments because the program has really helped me transform my life and I would hate for someone to discard it after reading some negative comments. And after sticking with it for so long, I think I have a pretty good sense of what the long term affects are.

I absolutely do not work for Centerpointe and am not a PR person. It never occured to me that someone might think I was. Everything I posted was the truth and I have had much success with the Holosync program. As have several of my friends who have tried it after I raved about it to them. I did not do any research into other options before purchasing Holosync, but it’s interesting to see the other products available. A friend had ordered Holosync and insisted I had to try it, and so I went out and bought it and have been listening faithfully ever since, just about 6 years now. The results have been absolutely incredible! I’m also, in case this comes up, not any kind of extremist at all, religious or otherwise. Just a normal everyday person with an open mind and a positive life outlook that stumbled into a program that I love.

Kind of an interesting (to me at least) side note, is that originally my friend thought it would be great for my ex-husband. He listened to the first CD for about 2 weeks and stopped after claiming it gave him headaches. My comment about people needing to be ready to make a change and willing to do the work was based on that. He wasn’t willing to change and is still stuck in all of his drama and is in pretty much the same exact place in life he was at that time. I started experiencing huge shifts of awareness and making dramatic changes within the first 6 months. I was ready for change and have stuck in there all this time with great results. I think back to what level of stress I could handle when I first started and it blows me away what little things used to seem so huge and now I don’t even notice anymore. It’s so hard to describe to people what exactly happens, but I am grateful every single day that I’ve got to experience this and that I’ve stuck with it. And I’m really, truly excited to see how I will feel over the next few years as I complete the program.

Thank you so much for opening this for discussion and for your open minded comments back. I hope everyone finds what they are looking for and has more peace and happiness in their lives. I know it’s a different path for all of us, and I know what works for me won’t work for everyone. I do belive it works for some, and I only have my own experience to share. Best wishes to everyone!!

75 Jason 10.21.09 at 3:32 pm

So a predominant afternoon looking for light and sound machines hooked me to the edge of this chair like some kind of good thriller flick after discovering holosync, ordering a free cd, and then deciding i wanted to go ahead and buy it but wanted to find a few opinions on both sides. This thread has opened me up to both sides in a very fulfilling manner. Cheers to all on board for broadening the available spectrum! The body is a musical instrument, and you the musician, and holosync like so many others are a financial investment/commitment to dedicating your time to pick up the bow. A sincere interest in better playing beckons one to put their fingers on the neck of the instrument and hunt with their fingers of the strings. You wont turn up empty handed. All investments of time or money are instruments to channel your passion and faith and expectations through. You are the wind in your sails! Bill Harris with his over the top advertising is hoping to instill wind of your great expectations in the sails of his product. Will it blow the boat to its destination if you never knew another breeze? sure, but the same is true for all. What are the chances life itself holds all the entrainments you need with just a little endearing gardening, de-weeding with a cd player of whatever music you wanted for 20 or 40 so minutes a day?

76 sven 10.28.09 at 5:32 pm

I am on level 4 of holosync and I am very cautious with my cash. I use holosync every morning and the results have not been profound but that have been noticeable. I am much more calmer and relaxed. Could this be the placebo effect because that’s what I’m expecting? Maybe…..but if it works then it works……

77 Tori Deaux 11.12.09 at 1:43 pm

Hi folks… this thread is starting to get a bit out of control. I’ve recently gotten a number of very “aggressively worded” comments left here – so please try to remember to keep your language clean and civil (and keeping it below 500 words would be great, too!)

Since Bill Harris doesn’t read this blog (much less the comments) he really won’t know if you think he’s the son of a three toed tree sloth, and I’m not interested in providing a forum for you to spew in.


78 Tori Deaux 11.12.09 at 2:18 pm

…. and a belated reply to Trevor’s last comment : )

Hey Trevor…. Yepp, when I said that the effects of brain entrainment itself are widely documented, I meant that entrainment does, indeed, create a shift in brainwave patterns – and that part *is* widely documented and accepted. Are there specific long term/lasting/therapeutic benefits to those shifts? I dunno for sure… Neither do the researchers.

As for scientifically testing Holosync’s claims beyond the effects of entrainment, I still say that’d be a tough call. How do you test for enlightenment, personal growth, or “transcendence” when there’s not even a scientific definition for them? You can’t…. and the same goes for testing those same things in terms of meditation.

If you define “transcendence” by the brainwave states (Alpha Coherence is the term I used, I think) I suspect the information you’re looking for is out there, if you have the determination and access to the journals to find it – and I think that state is very much the same thing that Holosync is aiming for.

What I find curious, I guess, is that you’re offering such strong cautions against entrainment, but endorsing meditation.

Are there potential side effects with entrainment? I’d think so. But the same side effects can come from meditation traditions and other trance practices. Both can trigger and intensify various mental issues (look up “spiritual emergence”) which I suspect has to do with the brainwave patterns and maybe neural growth (thats a big maybe!)

But being familiar with the alternative spirituality movements, I’d be hesitant to suggest that working with a “venerated tradition” is any safer or more reliable than entrainment. Many of the venerated teachers, yogis, masters and gurus engage in fraudulent practices and outright lies that, honestly, make Holosync’s claims seem mild. (Levitation through meditation, anyone?)

My advice all around? Keep your skepticism intact whenever you consider ANY sort of self-help product or alternative spiritual practice. But at the same time, don’t be so skeptical that you become blind, either.

79 Amir 11.12.09 at 7:52 pm

Holosync is superfluous. Meditation isn’t about achieving bliss. It’s just a tool designed to develop concentration and mindfulness, which are in themselves tools that give rise to insight into the impermanent, selfless, and unsatisfactory nature of all conditioned experience, which is itself a tool that gives rise to awakening, which is itself a tool that gives rise to the awakening of all beings.
Having said that, holosync is kind of cool–I used to have a ripped copy of level one. But f I were you, I’d spend my hard earned money on something more useful, like a tasty pizza, or maybe some scrumptious fair trade chocolate, or perhaps a warm and cozy hat for the winter, or the Essential Leonard Cohen.

80 Patrick 11.18.09 at 4:33 pm

If you folks are serious about personal growth and not out to escape your issues, look for a meditation circle in your area. Spiritualist churches have meditation groups. Meditating in a group on an ongoing basis is the quickest way to grow as an individual and to move forward in all aspects of life. I would also stay away from brain altering CD’s because they will hold you back from entering in to the deepness of your self. Going with in is not a brain wave state, it’s an entire state of being of your whole self.

Good luck :)

81 Celinne 12.01.09 at 8:02 pm

Well I was thinking of purchasing the first level of Holosync but after reading these comments, I think I will look for a cheaper substitute. I too was put off by the demo CD and the deception.Thanks to all for your guidance. I learnt to much.

82 Ganesh 12.10.09 at 9:46 am

Hi Everyone,

I have been using Holosync for 7 1/2 years. Half the time, it feels like nothing is happening when I meditate, but having faith that something is happening is what keeps me going. I don’t consider myself a gullible person, but I beleive that one has to have faith in order to improve one’s life, if you are going to do it by yourself. So that would mean to quiet the resistance to the marketing, and focus on the advertised benefits. Ordering Holosync was a virtual no-brainer for me, because of the fact that you didn’t have to believe in it for it to work. (Of course, you need belief enough to put the CD in the player!) For me, Holosync is doing what Bill personally says it would do, and I’m grateful for that. And the biggie benefit, Awareness, is finally making huge changes in my internal well-being.

83 John 12.14.09 at 9:09 am

Finally seeing benefits internally after 7.5 years? You’d think after that long anything would work, heck, even 1 year of meditating one would see internal benefits. You do have faith man! but it’s a pity after so long of time. Hey, we all learn one way or another.


84 Lori 12.19.09 at 9:42 pm

I ordered the demo cd and did think it was funny that he put the holosync behind his “sales pitch”. However, I did as instructed and listened with my eyes closed while sitting up and I did feel very relaxed and happy even after that first 20 min demo. I never listened to the testimonials.

I went ahead and ordered the holosync prologue and am planning to keep a blog diary about it on a hubpage. Today was my second day listening to the cd. The first cd is called “dive” and is 30 min long. It sounds very similar to the free demo background (obviously without the talking) with the rain.

The instructions tell you that is you just listen to it as background music it isn’t going to be nearly as effective. From some of the posts it sounds like people were just listening to it while doing work around the house or whatever, so maybe that is why they didn’t get the same effect.

As far as some of the comments sounding like bill harris marketers it is probably because the product worked so well for them and they are just excited to share.

Also, as far as Bill Harris being a crazy marketer, he does seem to be. However, I am used to getting overwhelmed by marketers, especially in my email inbox, so I’m used to ignoring a lot of marketing ploys and just read the “meat” of what I get.

So far, I am very excited about the possibilities of this product and I do feel calmer and more focused.

85 Stu 12.22.09 at 7:38 am

I haven’t done a search for holosync in a long time, I am surprised at the amount of alternatives being mentioned as well as the comments for & against (reminds me of the Windows vs Linux or PC vs Mac posts). The against crowd read alike as bad as the followers reading like an advert… I was given the demo cd, (thank goodness, only listened to it once & as cheesy as everyone states) left it for a few months then purchased the first level. Oddly enough I fell asleep (like Shannon 04.23.09) sitting up, something I believed I couldnt do. I’ve had a lot of long train & bus trips being envious of sleeping passengers during the night. Anyway since those first few times falling asleep I now just lay down & listen to the CD. Most times I really crash, on occasion I’ve felt a little irritated & not slept, maybe I should just skip it those times but I kept it up for 3 years. I nearly always wake refreshed when the CD finishes. More relaxed at work is probably the biggest thing I’ve noticed about the overall effect. I feel I dont get as stressed or tired anytime, can I prove it? – no. Life changing, not really. A meditation guru loving everybody, saving the world, I think not. I’m happy with my experience & never expected half the claims from HS or it’s followers. What is everyone else expecting? If you have serious problems, seek professional help not a CD. Dont let the demo disc or the HS haters turn you off giving it a go if you are curious. I haven’t purchased a new level in a long time & no one makes you. Someone mentioned pizza? best thing I’ve read all night, this rant included.

86 Will. 12.28.09 at 2:07 pm

From my experience of Holosync and Centerpointe I would say the following:

(i) Yes, it is undoubtedly heavily marketed. To the extent which puts some people off altogether, which is a shame in my view.

(ii) Bill Harris is OK but not my kind of guru.

(iii) Yes, it is expensive. You can buy cheaper versions of basically the same thing from other company’s. e.g. Perfect Meditation, Holo Think etc.

(iv) However, I think the Holosync product itself is great. I feel more relaxed, more tuned in, happier and I really look forward to my hour a day with the headphones.

I would also add that it helps if you can make use of your time in the expanded state of consciousness that Holosync provides. i.e. To be attentive to the mind, work through emotional blocks, resistances etc. You could I am sure get benefits from Holosync or similar just by listening but one of the pluses of not needing to ‘try to meditate’ i.e. hands-free meditation is that one can spend the time working with ones own mind/issues etc. Personally, I use the Sedona Method techniques whilst listening to Holosync and find the combination of the two highly beneficial.

To anyone who tried Awakening Prologue and felt nothing, I would suggest getting hold of the next level (second hand to reduce costs). At some stage you will definitely notice changes!

87 Jonas 12.29.09 at 8:31 am

It seems a great deal of all us looking for a panacea – Can it be easy to find peace of mind – Open ourselves up to love others experience joy – - Time passes – How can I do this in as fast away as possible.- Prove it to me – Does it work?

Personally I have tried Holosync, 3 or so years ago for about 8 months religiously twice a day. Before that did transidental meditation, before that Yoga, before that convulsive seizures (involuntary) for about 3 months.
The seizures shifted my brain to dominate my right side became an artist of sorts and my personality changed in a passive peaceful way and eventually went back to equilibrium..
So I have always felt the brain to be plastic that in a physiological way it can be altered.
So when I heard about Holysync and the science behind it I was excited, finally perhaps I have found a way to circumvent the arduous task of meditation and get my fix instantly.
When I was iniated into TM brought flowers and Meditated for 20 minutes I felt an incredible shift, when I first meditated to the Holysync CD not such a shift.
I cannot say Holysync does or doesn’t work for as I continued I felt a subtle shift in my being.

This unbiased forum is a welcome site I was thinking of giving HS another try this New Year. I’ve read almost every comment in this Forum and feel that it’s left me with a neutral sense – should I or shouldn’t I?

I WISH IT WERE EASIER – but I am not convinced up till today’s technology that there is an easy way than just plain old hard work.

88 Tori Deaux 01.01.10 at 1:15 pm

An Update:

1. I’ve had to remove an increasing number of abusive comments in this thread lately. Please refrain from name calling – I don’t care if it’s aimed at other commenters, readers, Holosync fans/not-fans, or Bill Harris himself. No name calling, no bad words, no obnoxiousness. ‘k?

2. This post has indirectly been caught up in a bit of a bruhaha… it was quoted in an article that’s caused quite a stir, and prompted a cease & desist letter from Harris. You can read my (hopefully amusing) take on it here: How To Trash Your PR At The Touch Of A Button: Of Holosync, Bill Harris, and Silencing Critics

89 Claudia 01.14.10 at 11:37 am


All I can say is that I ordered the demo and it never arrived. Even so I dediced to buy awakening prologue and found it great. I’ve since passed onto other levels.

I have no problem with BH. Why shoudln’t he be entitled to market his product? I actually find him kind of amusing in a dry sort of way. And I am totally impressed by his customer support. The coaches have always been helpful and friendly to me. One of my cd’s was scratched and they promptly sent me a new one.

Anyway that’s just my take.

90 Mark 01.16.10 at 4:12 pm


I have previously used Holosync and think it’s great. As a student it helped me achive grades that I could only dream of. And I feel relaxed all the time, positive and motivated.

Remember it takes time but this changes will “just” happen and one day you will realise what has changed.

The thing is if you criticise everything and everyone then nothing will work. Give it a go and if it doesn’t work then try something elese.

91 True Believer 01.21.10 at 8:12 am

To settle this once and for all: Holosync is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me or anyone. It is the Second Coming of Christ. It is the fulfillment of all religions. Bill Harris is the Avatar. But you must not criticize it or doubt it or think anything negative about Bill Harris, or it will not work and you will have very bad karma. Holosync is scientifically proven to be the greatest thing that has ever been developed on the face of the earth. There are 14,000,000,000,000 scientific research studies proving that it is the best, most powerful self-development program that will ever exist. (But the studies have not been published yet because the world is not ready for them.) It will give you instantaneous enlightenment, the EXACT same state that the Buddha experienced, in just a few seconds! Guaranteed! (But if it doesn’t, that’s just part of the process and your own karma so don’t blame Bill Harris. Or you will be sued faster than Holosync gives Instant Zen Monk State, buddy!)

This post sponsored, like so many of the above, by Center Point Scientific Research Center for Scientifically Proven Instant Enlightenment.

92 Matt Burns 02.11.10 at 9:09 pm

I’ve been using holosync for about 3 years (did the prologue, + first 2 levels). I’ve come to the conclusion that holosync is egregiously overpriced and over-marketed. This is not to say that binaural beats can’t induce states of meditation, or that I haven’t gotten anything from using the program. In fact, I quite enjoy it and I have every intention of continuing to meditate this way.

My problem is paying $200+ a level for something that I can literally make for myself on the computer using a variety of free software available on the internet. I don’t feel like the “Centerpointe Research Institute” and Bill Harris really bring anything to the table that would justify the outrageous prices they are charging.

The easiest free alternative one I saw was called Gnaural, (installs on Windows/Mac/Linux). There’s also a more versatile program called Pure Data (which is what I use), but the learning curve is much higher for that one. I had just paid for holosync level three when I looked into other alternatives. It took me about 10 minutes to create a patch in PD that can induce binaural beats of any frequency and can lower the carrier frequency as desired. In Gnaural, you don’t even have to create the patch, its all done for you. For someone who has average computer skills, it would probably take about 30 minutes to get used to how Gnaural works.

Having realized that it is entirely possible to get the same result as holosync for free, I phoned them to cancel my order for level 3 (they were waiting for me to send them a recording of different affirmations; no discs were burned). I was informed by the manager that it’s their policy to never give any refunds, regardless of the fact that the product hadn’t even been burned yet. Am I alone here, or is something not right about this? Haha, we’ve got your money and there’s nothing you can do about it… that’s what I heard anyway. Hence my motivation for writing this review; I normally brush off companies that I think are unfair, but this is just obscene.

If there is anyone currently using holosync that tends to disagree, make sure you give Gnaural or any of the other free programs a try before forking over more cash to this marketing company. If anyone (or the company itself) wants to defend holosync’s honor, then answer these questions:

If I can easily generate binaural beats with free software, then why am I paying $200+ per level with holosync?

Even if I wasn’t able to produce the same effect for free, how can that price be justified for something so cheap to produce?

These comments are solely my own opinions. I’m a person who has been using holosync for years and I was definitely angry with myself when I figured out how much money I wasted. Take it or leave it.

93 James 02.14.10 at 4:58 pm

I’m interested n this stuff, but some how I think if anyone had what I was looking for they would give it to me for free. Indeed, if anyone had “the answers” then we, as a species, would have stopped looking for them shortly after they were first found.

94 David M. 02.14.10 at 5:08 pm

For what its worth, I recently discovered a meditation company called SoundMind Meditation that takes holosync one step further. They actually teach you how to meditate, and encourage you NOT to use their program as a crutch! They are intellectually honest in this area which I find extremely refreshing. Their website is pretty too, check it out at:

My problem with holosync has always been that they are making these fantastic claims about their special technology, and I haven’t found holosync to be better than other programs. They’ve definitely got great marketing skill, which can go a long way towards creating a placebo effect. But they definitely exaggerate their claims which I find dishonest even if people are seeing benefits.

But the main problem with all these programs, including holosync, is that they are not teaching you anything, or creating a state of increased mindfulness. So while you’re brainwaves are more meditative during your session, your certainly not actually meditating on your own, which I find problematic. Meditation is work, and any claim that there’s a magic technological shortcut, is just false. Period.

What I like about soundmind meditation is that it uses binaural beats that feel just as effective as holosync. But then it goes one step further by teaching you mindfulness meditation in the first half of the course, and then insight meditation in the second half. They claim that the mindfulness skills allow you to penetrate much deeper when practicing the insight meditation. The Inner Body technique (the second half) puts you in direct contact with the subconscious mind. They explain the theory as you go, it’s too much to type here. But they break up the lessons into discrete levels -as the carrier frequencies go deeper, so do the guided meditation lessons. The voiceover is very pleasant to listen to and is gentle and clear yet assertive in such a way as to keep you alert. They also provide practice sessions which have no voice-over, just binaural beats so that you can practice each lesson as you listen to the binaural, or if you are just feeling lazy and want a non-guided binaural session. They’ve got a money back guarantee too, which says a lot about them as a company and that they stand behind their product.

I hope this is helpful to some of you on the fence who are thinking about an alternative to spending thousands on Bill Harris’ slick marketing. Think twice… soundmind is only $125 for the whole course which is a bargain compared to holosync which is literally thousands… -Namaste

95 Ed 02.25.10 at 5:15 pm

One thing I find helpful when listening to brainwave music is I first find a good spiritual article or ebook that is to my taste and liking. I then use the text to speech feature in Adobe to read the ebook to me as I lay down and relax with headphones on while listing to a brainwave mp3 session at the same time.

If you are listening to the mp3 from Windoes medita player or real Player, it won’t interfere with the voice coming from Adobe or any text to speech reader.

I realize some text to speech voices are annoying and robotic, but you can find ones you like and download them to your computer (I like the voice of “Julie” from neospeech).

This way you are getting more then relaxed brainwaves, you are learning at the same time.

For example, you can find your favorite spiritual writing about meditation, and listen to it through th headphones as you are listening to a alpha, theta or delta brainwave session.

96 David M. 02.25.10 at 10:16 pm

Exactly, I agree with Ed, it’s a wasted opportunity to listen to binaural programs without the benefit of learning at the same time. SoundMind Meditation (google it) will do exactly that. It goes one step further than the other binaural programs by using binaural to entrain your brainwaves and then a calm a firm voice-over, which is very pleasant teaches a technique which is basically insight meditation or vipassana. Check it out, it’s exactly what Ed above was talking about, only much better than a computer generated “Julie”. Glad to share that… Hope its helpful!

97 Adam 03.11.10 at 6:24 am

Hey Tori, this is a great discussion. I actually have the 1st level of the Holosync program. I can say that I feel like it’s helped me relax and think more clearly. Of course, that’s anecdotal. I did a complete review of the program where I referenced your discussion on this post & linked to it (see if you’re interested) . In the review, I called the Holosync support center and asked if there were any controlled scientific studies done, and they pointed me to an FAQ page (didn’t find any though). So for now, the evidence that it works will have to be anecdotal, although I have to say the people that use it seem to be quite fond of it.

98 Christopher 03.14.10 at 4:08 am

I came across Holosync recently and just received the demo cd. As mentioned it is more of a sales pitch than a demo. The sound quality was quite nice, my only experience with this type of thing (I don’t meditate currently) is “Ultimate Brain” from Tom Kenyon. I have listened to it from time to time but not really sure I notice anything. Sometimes when I am working I will put on the creativity one.

Anyone know how Ultimate Brain would compare to something like Holosync?

I tried the quick demo of HoloThink and the sound quality didn’t seem as good as Holosync but I don’t understand if the ultimate effect is the same. Seems very similar to Ultimate Brain.

I am curious, someone mentioned something about spiritual ramblings on some of the levels of Holosync, is Holosync all instrumental and environmental or is there spoken vocal on it as well?

I was also curious about the mind workstation mentioned, does that allow you to generate your own music basically using whatever you select for settings?

That workstation product that was mentioned earlier from Transparent Corp,

99 Tori Deaux 03.17.10 at 10:20 pm

Hi Christopher! I don’t know a thing about Ultimate Brain, so I can’t compare.

Yes, Mind Workstation will create a custom soundtrack by generating a combination of randomized sounds you select, and then add entrainment to it. In the interest of disclosure (Hi, FCC guys! ;) ) I’m an affiliate for TransparentCorp, and there’s a link somewhere up there in the comments above, I think! Personally, I think the quality produced by MWS is very high.

And I’m not positive about what’s on each of the levels of Holosync are – Centrepoint is pretty tight lipped about it. I know that at least one of the levels allows you to call the company and they’ll record your own voice reading a hypnotic script. But I can’t confirm that for sure.

Hope that helps!

100 Tori Deaux 03.17.10 at 10:24 pm

Hi Adam, and thanks for the link back!

I really wish that as a company, Centrepoint would be more forthcoming about the studies, claims and level structure, but if they haven’t by now, I don’t expect they will!

101 Christopher 03.17.10 at 11:15 pm


Will MWS generate audio tracks as clean and clear as what was on the Holosync demo? One thing I noticed when listening to the demo (I threw it away when I read more about the company behind it) is the audio is very sharp and clear, very high quality recording.

102 Tori Deaux 03.17.10 at 11:28 pm

Hmm… I’m not a big audiophile, so I can’t say for sure. I did notice (as you did) that the HS demo seemed a high quality recording, and that when I’ve run the MWS demo, I was struck by the clarity of sound, too. The recording quality likely varies least somewhat on your soundcard, too. Transparent does offer a two week demo – you might give it a listen and see what you think! There are also some folks on their forums who might be able to tell you more about the quality of the sound.

103 Christopher 03.17.10 at 11:33 pm

I’m going to give them a call later this week. I had a few questions about it and figured that would be the easiest way to do it. If I do get it, I will use your link.

104 Mary 03.20.10 at 3:39 pm

Hello, I listened to the demo last night and found the sales pitch very annoying, so stopped listening. This morning, I went out and listened to the various songs of spring bird calls, and was entranced.
Then I got an email from Bill saying he fell on his knees in tears that I hadn’t responded to the promotionals lately. Hmm, really?
Thanks for this forum. It has been really helpful!

105 Dave S. 03.21.10 at 3:27 pm

This is a wonderful site and discussion thread! Thanks!!!
A few months ago, I got the HS demo and listened. I was quite “moved” despite the sales pitch on top of the entrainment. A bit put off, but not enough to keep me from purchasing Prologue.
It is useful, I think, but somehow less powerfully stimulating than the demo. Makes me wonder if he used “better” tech to hook one in and then backed off it for the Prologue. Or, perhaps, it is/was just me and my first time reaction to the entrainment was stronger than subsequently. I would appreciate any feedback.
Anyway, I have been so angered by his non-stop hard-sell masking as helpful hints that I will no longer send him any of my money for anything.
I have been using Holothink along with Prologue and, although this might not be my final solution, for now it seems to work.
However, my entrainment search continues.
Say, I have seen no mention of Monroe or HemiSync, etc. Wasn’t he the first one? Or is his stuff only for astral travel, etc.

106 Christopher 03.28.10 at 2:44 pm

I use “Ultimate Brain”, although I use it time to time, it is hard for me to tell if it really has done anything. I don’t think I have used it enough to really know but I do load the creativity one when I am working on projects. It is $99 and includes 9 cds, each CD serves a different purpose.

I am still a bit skeptical on all of it, even Ultimate Brain right now, but part of me thinks it really works I just haven’t had success with any of it yet. I am really just looking for something to increase IQ, brain responsiveness, and creativity. I do not meditate (I have tried it a couple of times and have not found any success with it) and I have no problems sleeping.

107 Ed 04.13.10 at 2:48 pm

Holosync uses binaural beat technology which is very effective. But since then other forms of entrainment have hit the market such as monaural beats, isochronic tones, harmonic box x (a combination of binaural beats with monaural beats).

Delta Boost is a company which uses harmonic box x, but is designed similar to holosync (with progressively lower carrier frequencies from level to level), except that it is a mp3 version, not cd, and uses ambient music in one edition, and different nature sounds in the other editions (both editions are available with the same purchase), and there are no “hypnotic” suggestions, words, affirmations or scripts. You can also download a free 30 minute sample 9with no advertisements) right from the free samples area (you have to sign up to access the free samples, but you are never emailed or bothered with advertising or spam.)

Delta Boostis a inexpensive alternative to Holosync and other brainwave entrainment programs. But it is a individual preference. Some prefer certain brainwave entrainment programs over others.

108 T.C. 04.21.10 at 2:54 am

I’m not too clear on one thing. How is passive listening in a changed brainwave state different or better than learning coping methods that can be applied — tech free — whereever/whenever needed? IOW, what’s wrong with Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT, Tapas Acupressure Technique/TAT, etc. for stress and the like?
It seems to me that its all about high tech/high price/high expectations. KISSing things often makes for less stress!

109 Daniel 04.29.10 at 12:24 am

Interesting comments you have all written.

I think a number of you are missing the point – Centrepointe is a business.

1) Sure some of you don’t like Bill’s marketing methods, but does that have any bearing on the effectiveness of the product – having used it, I think not.

2) Pretty much any business you come across may have certain aspects of the marketing that is questionable.

3) Some of you have mentioned that Bill should give some of his profits away. One individual even suggested that he give away a whopping 50%!!! (Sorry but if you were in business you’d fail – bottom line).

4) The product is bought once and that’s it! – once you have finished all the levels their is no extra business unless you purchase some other of his products. Once again Centrepoint is a business!

It’s a little irrational to expect that because this is a personal development product (or spiritually-based product) that Bill shouldn’t treat it as a business.

If he wasn’t successful at this – there would be no product for you to enjoy the increased benefits of peace of mind.

Do you put a small price tag on peace ofmind – a few hundred dollars every 6 months to a year? Is that really a HUGE investment.

PS. numerous people (myself included) continue to receive benefits from the program. To us a couple of hundred dollars per year to gain benefits too numerous to mention is a wise investment.

It is wise to look at the perceived cost versus the perceived value. The value far outways the cost.

IMPORTANT: Holosync isn’t for sissies. It’s quite possible that you’ll experience what they call “overwhelm” which is quite literally a release of pent-up or trapped emotions. They can be intense, but never last too long. Overtime it gets better and you start to feel a lot better. If you already feel good about yourself then it just takes it to a deeper level and gets rid of some of the kinks.

Nothing ventured nothing gained

110 Tori Deaux 04.29.10 at 11:05 am

@Daniel, you hit so many persuasion points there I nearly didn’t approve it. I feel like I’m in a sales seminar on how to change a “no” into a “yes”;)

I’ve not got time for a point by point response right now… but “Centrepointe is a business” is not a reasonable defense against accusations of blatantly manipulative sales tactics, overpricing products to create a sense of exclusivity, or bullying critics — especially when the company’s products tout personal/spiritual growth.

111 Cindy 05.05.10 at 12:20 pm

I am fairly new to all this business but was looking for help in meditation to relieve horrible stress issues. Yes, i got the trial CD from Centerpointe and wasn’t impressed with all the talk but liked the rest, so finally ordered a “Dive” program for less money. I thought I was receiving the full first CD but found out later that it was only part of it. I do feel scammed.

However, this cd puts me to sleep everytime and afterwards I am so foggy- brained and TIRED! I’m wondering if anyone else has issues like that when you first begin. I have Fibro and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so maybe that’s part of the problem, but actually believed from lots of reading that maybe this would be the answer to solving some of the issues that caused these diseases in the first place.

112 Tori Deaux 05.05.10 at 2:18 pm

Hi Cindy,
I’m not sure what underlying issues you’re hoping to solve with entrainment – stress relief and relaxation, maybe? Those are definite possibilities. I’m skeptical of many of the other claims companies make, though.

It’s very normal to fall asleep when using entrainment tracks that use slower frequencies – and according to sources on the web, Holosync’s first level Dive tracks are supposed to move your brainwaves down into a Delta state, which is found in deep relaxation and sleep. Similar protocols are used to intentionally PUT people to sleep, and help with insomnia… so falling asleep isn’t at all odd, especially since the CF and Fibro probably have you sleep deprived. The fogginess after wards just means your brain is having trouble moving back out of that deep state — again, possibly because you need that rest.

Some of the sessions I’ve worked with in other software intentionally ramp your brainwaves back up to a more alert level, and that might help you. Or you could just schedule the sessions so that you can stay asleep/relaxed afterwards – your body and brain probably need it!

Hope that helps!

113 No-jive Jake 05.05.10 at 2:33 pm

Can anyone cite peer-reviewed, controlled research studies showing that Holosync:
1. Affects the predicted changes in brainwaves while listening; specifically, the EEG changes that the marketing material so profusely claims and associates with specific mental states?
2. Affects beneficial, long-term changes in brain patterns during daily activity?
3. Results in any of the benefits claimed for it?

Where are the studies? I search PubMed and nothing appears. I mean research specifically on Holosyn and published in actual peer-reviewed journals.

114 Tori Deaux 05.05.10 at 2:41 pm

I’ve been stewing a little over Daniel’s sales-pitch-comment, and decided to give a fuller response.

Yes, Holosync is a business. And no, being in a personal development niche doesn’t mean it stops being a business. Yes, the calls for it to be given away for free are fairly unreasonable. BUT….

1. The marketing makes exceptional claims, without exceptional proof. In fact, with little-to-no proof at all, depending on which claim we’re talking about.
2. The product is over-priced, period. If you get benefit from the program, great. But it’s overpriced, the technology used to create it is neither cutting edge, secret nor proprietary, and it can be reproduced for a fraction of the cost.
3. You asked if we put a small price tag on peace of mind – but Holosync isn’t “peace of mind”. It’s a series of CD’s that include brainwave entrainment and hypnotic suggestions. And it’s a series of CD’s that is so highly priced that the cost alone would challenge my personal “peace of mind”.

IMPORTANT: “Holosync isn’t for sissies?” Please. Don’t insult my readers with statements like that.
Sorry folks. I guess I’m a bit grumpy and fed up today.

115 Christopher 05.05.10 at 2:46 pm

I wouldn’t be surprised if Daniel was actually from Centerpointe from what I have heard of them.

116 joe 05.10.10 at 4:18 pm

im on level 2 of the program. I would have to say that I have experienced great improvements in my tempermant – I was the type to be easily annoyed and prone to hostile thinking. I am no longer am plagued with negative thoughts. Yes, the guy is making money, this is America – need I say more. He is willing to replace any CD if it has been damaged, Im not sure if any of the other folks that sell this technology online are willing to do that. He also includes a lot of bonuses with the shipments.

Yes, its expensive but one thing that I like is the fact that no where on his website does he put down other businesses that sell the same technology; however, it seems that everyone else are so willing to put down his to promote their own similar meditation programs.

117 Tara Eisler 05.28.10 at 12:01 pm

I too was completely disillusioned with the over the top marketing ploys of the Centerpointe system. I very enthusiastically ordered it, and even noticed some immediate benefits when using it, but once I started being bombarded with emails from Bill Harris trying to sell this and that, the whole thing became completely tainted for me. I started to feel like there may be some subliminal programming imbedded into the program. It’s been said before- I doubt it would turn me into a brainwashed zombie, but ethically, I am not down with that. So, I returned the program for a full refund (to their credit, they didn’t ask me a single question – they just gave me the refund).

118 jai 05.30.10 at 9:41 pm

I guess whether you pay 50c or 50K for some information its your choice. I know very wealthy people that pay $3,000 for a plant pot because they like it and they want it.
Being spiritual is not about being poor….

119 Justin 06.15.10 at 7:03 pm

I would like to know if anyone has concerns that Holosync could be a cult or sect? No one has suggested this on the blog so far, at least not directly! I am concerned that Centerpointe recommends the Sedona method, which is seen by some to be contraversial. But am I right the two are not connected, BH just recommends it as he does so many other products?! I bought the first level 18 months ago and have had numerous attempts at trying to find one hour a day to do the meditation. Finally, in the last few weeks I have managed to go beyond the first 14 days of doing the first track to doing both tracks. I do feel more relaxed from doing it, I have some concerns about zoning out and falling asleep, though I can also do that in a meditation class in a healing centre near where I live, which I know is a reputable place. My biggest concern is that I am someone who normally recalls vivid dreams and I like doing so and trying to understanding them and see how my dreams relate to issues in my life. Now, not only do I wake up earlier, but I don’t remember my dreams. Could it be that this method blocks out dreaming? Or is it that my sleep is deeper? I am sometimes aware of having had dreams, but am no longer able to recall them. Or it could be that because I wake up earlier to meditate, I am not sleeping at the time when I usually dream most (6am-8amish)! Am also wondering if this meditation suppresses emotions, but imagine Centerpointe would deny that. As for the big business issue, no question I am someone who objects to that side politically, spiritually and in every way, but I am still prepared to give it a go if there are other benefits. If, however, there is something that could be harmful I shall be stopping using it. And I imagine too late to get a refund as I have had the cds since 2008! Anyway, would really appreciate a response to any of my questions and comments, thank you! Justin

120 Tori Deaux 06.28.10 at 4:05 pm

Hi Justin,

I don’t think there’s anything cult-ish about Holosync itself, but like you, I’m sometimes concerned about the other controversial products/systems Bill Harris cross-promotes (which in the past included the fellow who ran the lethal sweat lodge in Arizona. Ouch.) But as long as you’re just using the product, and you recognize that Harris is (bottom line) a marketer, and not an enlightened-guru-advisor whose every recommendations should be followed, I’d think you’d be ok ;)

Zoning out and even falling asleep is a common experience with brainwave entrainment at low frequencies, just as it is with meditation. So I wouldn’t worry on that count, either.

I’d think it’s unlikely that your dreams are being blocked, and more likely that the change in your sleeping hours or the way you’re waking up now is keeping you from remembering them. If you’re using entrainment right after waking up, perhaps you’re training your brain to shift into meditative mode upon waking up, rather than following your old patterns which allowed you the time and mind-set to recall the dreams — wouldn’t it be interesting to know the brainwave frequency that goes on during that half awake period that helps us remember our dreams?

As for suppressing emotions, that’s a difficult one, but I suppose it’s possible. Long term meditation practices change the brain in ways that seem to stabilize emotions, and maybe something similar happens through long term exposure to certain entrainment frequencies. It might be worth asking for input from the Centerpoint forums, and/or the TransparentCorp community (many of whom also have used Holosync. Some like it, some dont). Just keep in mind that while there are some knowledgeable and science-based people contributing there, there’s lots of folks who are very woo-woo, as well.

For anyone trying to understand the effects of Holosync, it’s important to realize that it is just brainwave entrainment to specific frequencies, and learning more about entrainment and brainwave frequencies will reveal a lot about what to expect from Holosync.

121 Laura 06.30.10 at 12:19 pm

I too received the holosync demo CD. I was immediately annoyed that it seemed to be an advertisement and also wished the talking would stop so that I could listen to the rain, chimes and bowls. Part way through the pitch I also wondered if the CD was meant to lull you into buying the whole system. From that point on I found it hard to relax while listening as I did feel that it was not an ethical thing for Centerpointe to be doing (if of course that was the intention). I won’t be buying this system. I wanted to learn more about this and will continue to do my research elsewhere.

122 Christopher 07.05.10 at 12:22 pm


If they didn’t have voice, people would likely just listen to it on loop and never buy anything. Not defending them, but I can see why they don’t want to just send out pure audio without some way of protecting it. I do hear he is a very pushy marketer though.

123 Melly80 07.07.10 at 12:47 pm

wow am I glad I googled holosync or what! :-) This has been very informative . I went and checked out the equisync site and I gotta say I reckon I’m sold on that one especially after reading their FAQ and seeing they don’t try to push all three levels/sets onto their customers plus the price is a lot more friendlier too. Far out I’m glad I came across this site. Thanks muchly Tori! I’ve been…avoiding I guess you could call it…meditation for a really long time and had recently decided maybe I should look into a guided meditation to help me get through the resistance that I clearly have to it (its a funny thing when your aware of your own self sabotage and suppression and are the observer of it happening but yet…it still freaking happens) and then literally an ad for this “meditate deeper then a zen monk” (pffft totally scoffed at that straight up btw) jumped out at me one day while reading my nova magazine so ’s I went online and ordered the demo. It arrived today and I had a read through the report booklet to which my eyes nearly popped out of my head when it came to the pricing and how many “levels” there were eeek I was a bit weary bout listening to the demo thinking it mighta been a case of listen once then lose all reason haha…ANYWAYS I didn’t even get around to loading it up coz I googled it for some user feedback and voila!!! I ended up here reading some very interesting views and experiences. I’m now actually feeling excited about veering into a bit of unknown territory

124 Melly80 07.07.10 at 1:11 pm

lol omg do not know how I managed to do that. Meh musta gotten buttonhappy

125 Sambo 07.28.10 at 8:23 am

This is all so interesting! I just recently heard about The Secret and when I started looking into it came across HS. I’ve been trying to break the pattern of my thinking for years, I have low self-esteem, lack confidence, suffer from bouts of depression – basically feel a slave to my thought processes! My bookshelves are lined with self help books. I’ve tried meditation but find it very difficult to quiet my mind and focus. So reading about HS, it sounded like the perfect solution. I sent off for the demo CD and have been put off by BH’s marketing of the product, as well as the price. I’d never even heard of entrainment before! It’s great to think that there maybe something out there that can actually help me but when I listened to the HS demo, I was a little nervous of “letting go” ….. Is there anyone that can recommend an alternative to HS that could help with my issues, cost less money, and that I feel is “safe” to use???

126 Tori Deaux 07.28.10 at 12:20 pm

Hi, Sambo!
Thanks for the comment, and I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling so much. I’m sure you already know this, but I’m obligated to caution a bit – while it’s being hyped by a lot of companies, entrainment isn’t as magical as some folks would like us to believe. That said… I’ve personally used it as a meditation aid when my brain won’t seem to hold still – and it works really well *for me*.

I personally use the software from TransparentCorp, that way I *know* what entrainment levels I’m using ( there are affiliate links for them in the sidebar – MindStereo, MindWorkstation, NeuroProgrammer) With those programs, you can combine entrainment with any guided meditation or hypnosis session you want. I’ve also used and liked a few of the mp3’s from , which mix entrainment and hypnosis. I’m very fussy about hypnotic script content, his struck me as very well done.

You’ll find other recommendations scattered through the comment section above : )

127 Stephen Warrilow 07.28.10 at 12:45 pm


You might want to consider the meditation practise of Mindfulness. I am obviously not qualified to offer you any sort of medical or therapeutic advice – but just as one “fellow traveller” to another, I do recommend this. I have undertaken this practise for several years and can atttest to it’s effectiveness in terms of gaining greater insight and control into one’s mental and emotional states.

I know of others who have suffered quite badly from depressive states and have used this practise to gain a good measure of equilibrium and peace in their lives.

There are many mindfulness meditation groups that meet worldwide and you will find a lot of resources on line if you just google “Mindfulness”.

It is also increasingly used as a therapeutic approach to certain depressive conditions – in this context it’s known as “Mindfulness Cognitive Behaviour Therapy”.

If you want more information please contact me – not sure quite how we do that – but I’m sure Tori can advise you how to reach me if you want to.

Very best wishes
Stephen Warrilow’s last post: Change management practitioners

128 James 08.04.10 at 9:03 pm

I used holosync up to and including Flowering Level 1, which equated to about 7 years of continuous usage and is about three quarters through the program. My subjective opinion is that it had no discernable effect on me. I did not become more awaked or more aware and I am no more relaxed now than I was prior to commencing the program. The literature that accompanies the program does state that everyones’ experience will be different. My experience was I had no change. There are many complimentary testimonials on the web, so maybe I was one of the few unlucky people who did not respond to the technology.

129 Sambo 08.05.10 at 10:33 am

Hi Tori/Stephen

Thanks very much for your comments/advice. I had a look at Equisync which someone mentioned above and I may give that a try. Stephen, thank you for your offer of help. I have tried “mindfulness” in the past but just found it difficult to focus and generally find it difficult to commit to any sort of meditation where I need to do the work myself, and especially now I have 2 sons plus work…. I’m grateful to you both for your help. Sambo

130 Roberta 10.10.10 at 9:20 pm

I”ve been reading all of the comments with interest. I just started the Holosync program and was hoping I haven’t been roped into some worthless BS. I was disappointed also with the demo, but I kept listening to it while I tried to decide and within a few times I was actually blocking Bill’s voice out and feeling pretty good. I ordered the first set and am following directions and listening only to The Dive until next week. I have to say that I do notice some positive effects. I am reading the book by Bill Harris and I feel that I’m getting a lot of good out of it. I do agree that The Secret, though it seemed a great thing at first, turned out to be a great and greedy disappointment. They were even selling “gratitude rocks” on their site. I was disgusted. There’s a lot of hype and bullshit advertising associated with Holosyc I agree, and it’s a shame because my gut feeling is that it’s a good product. I look forward to listening every morning before work and can hardly wait to be able to do the Immersion as well as The Dive. As for the cost, I feel that you get what you pay for and I’ve bought my share of cheap junk on the internet. I’d be much for reluctant to buy a program for a lot less. I’ll let you know how it goes from here.

131 Joel Weihe 11.12.10 at 11:46 pm

I’ve used Holosync for years and it changed my life. For the better! If you don’t like Holosync, Bill Harris or his marketing techniques simply don’t use it. No loss, no gain.

Bad mouthing him like this just leads me to believe that you are just like a number of others whom have copied Bill and used their own bad mouthing advertising techniques to acquire business.. There is and always will only be one Holosync and it can not be duplicated.

I don’t feel it’s in the least bit expensive , mostly because IT WORKS. I would be skeptical of cheap knockoff products circumventing the internet. Like buying a $5000 Rolex for 20 bucks on a dark street corner.

132 Tori Deaux 11.13.10 at 10:57 am

Joel, I’m glad you’ve had good results from Holosync, and that the pricing works for you.


Really. I think it’s great. Entrainment is an awesome technology, and I’m always excited to hear it works for people.

But the post you’re replying to does not “bad mouth” Bill Harris. It’s an honest review of the demo I received, one that raises a reasonable question about whether mixing hypnotic entrainment with sales messages is ethical and/or effective. I’m growing quite weary of the repeated implications around here that a negative product review must be motivated by nefarious greedy intent. (Yes, I’ve kept the nastier ones from seeing the light of day. No cussing allowed, folks.)

The comparison to Rolex is fair, though.

If you’re buying a Rolex for the beauty, quality, and prestige, for the resale value, or the feeling of having $3000 strapped to your wrist? You’re right. You can’t duplicate that, and shouldn’t buy a knock off. They are awesome watches. I wish I had one.

But if you just want something that tells time? A $20 Timex will do just great.

And if you want something that tells time AND has a whole lot of other useful features? Buy a smartphone.

If I had a Rolex, I’d wear it. If I had the Holosync tracks? I’d use them. But I’d also wear my Timex, and I’d still use the DIY brainwave entrainment software, too.

But whatever you buy, or don’t buy, use or don’t use? Please don’t insult the ethics of every product reviewer you find. Some of us are honest and fair, even if our opinion doesn’t agree with yours.

133 Brenda 12.25.10 at 2:46 pm

Hi I have been pondering Holosync for quite some time now but haven’t pulled the trigger. I however find it “popping up again” when I purchased a Anxiety and Panic relief program called the “Linden Method” Charles, Linden the founder is someone I fully respect and understand and his program is limited in meditaion and hypnosis. He however endorses Bill Harris and says there is a lot of “rubbish” out there but the program is profoundly powerful. I guess my question is I still seem to struggle from time to time with stress overload that inevitably leaves me at anxiety and feeling quite helpless at times. I wondered if I bought Holosync if it could help me with my anxiety? I did read a few caution points that it can dig up emotions that are unpleasant and you will have to push through, I believe that stopped me from buying it in the first place because I did not want to “toy” with my mind and get started with something I couldn’t finish. Thanks for you help and support if you have any input.
Brenda Smith

134 Alise 12.25.10 at 4:47 pm

Thanks so much for the review of the Holosync demo, and the further review of the entire program (via all the comments and responses to). I too am in the market for mediation aids, and because I’m the type who never pays full price, I very quickly located a Holosync alternative that to me, sounds so much better. It is relying on that same technology- brain entrainment. Anyone who does their research, in this day and age, can get whatever they want for the lowest possible price.

I don’t know how anyone could be so easily scammed into paying thousands for something that can be had for free. I mean c’mon! Meditation is free! And while I understand that audio-visual aids can help, you can get a lot of those for free too.

I have no doubt that holosync can change lives, because anything that deepens spiritual awareness is going to change your life. But there are cheaper ways to do it! I studied A Course in Miracles for five years- and that totally changed my life: $40- for the book, which I lost. But then other copies started miraculously appearing in my life- for free.

I say all of that to say this- you and every other consumer SHOULD BE leery of the super-duper corporate marketing types, because more than anything they are motivated by GREED- not a spiritual principal at all; which then calls into question their authority and credibility! How can you be the creator of this amazing and wonderful spiritual product if greed is your primary motivation for providing it? Greed is dark and sick and unhealthy, and there’s no greed like corporate greed, that has just reached out of control levels in our world today.

People who can’t adhere to basic spiritual principals should not be in the business of selling spiritual products. Some might even argue that “spiritual products” shouldn’t be “sold” at all. There is a fine line- I think. And yes I think that Holosync either has or is dangerously close to crossing it. You were right to point out the ethical issue- and anyone who can’t objectively evaluate Bill Harris- or even stand for someone else to objectively evaluate Bill Harris- has issues. Kool Aid, anyone?

Amber Lisa

135 Marc 01.26.11 at 6:47 pm

Well, I believe in meditation and brain entrainment. And to all thiose who’ve benefitted from Holosync I am happy for you! That being stated I also believe Bill Harris is a shrewd marketer who could sell anything! The booklet which arrived with my demo CD explaining Holosync referenced “how to purchase Holosync” via website or phone no less than 14 times with the 800 number or website to order listed at the bottom of EACH of the 59 pages an incredible . . . yes 59 times. So by my count 73 times on how to “Order Now” in the booklet. I could almost feel the watch swinging in front of my eyes. Then on the Demo CD another 14 + minutes of Bill Harris imploring you to buy because he “can’t wait” for you to experience the benefits of Holosync and also with the – “keep in mind the brain entrainment on this demo CD is not the industrial strength” . . . Industrial strength? C,mon are we referencing a cleaner here? Perhaps cleansing of the mind. Who knows? What I do know is I will take my search for brainwave synchronization technology elsewhere. Less hype, less money and the same results can be found elsewhere for sure!

136 Rodwell 02.23.11 at 8:45 am

As a member of the Holosync Deluxe Program ($3000), I am very satisfied with the results I’m getting from all the CDs. Based on some of the comments I read here, some may be thinking I should be satisfied for the price, but I would like to suggest that (regardless of marketing technique) you get what you pay for in this life, not a penny more or less.

I (not Bill) recorded my new affirmations today, and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new CDs/level. As someone with a permanent brain, back and leg injury, I shudder to think what my life would have turned out like if I wasn’t using Holosync. I encourage anyone to find the money necessary to go all the way and order the full 10 year program like I did. You will not be disappointed! :)

137 paul rio 04.09.11 at 3:39 pm

I remember reading something about practising transcendental meditation w/holosync. TM is also very expensive & has a quasi cult type following

138 Steve 05.04.11 at 2:24 pm

I’ve used holosync level on and off for a number of years. I do find it enjoyable a valuable. It definitely is relaxing and will put me to sleep.

I also frequently listen to the “sales pitch” demo. It takes a few times of listening to appreciate what Bill is talking about. The history of the creation of the Holosync Program.

Right now I’m considering kicking it up a notch to the next level of the program.

It either works for you or it doesn’t if you give it a chance.

And there’s no pressure to advance to the next level if you don’t want to, it’s entirely up to you.

139 Dave 05.04.11 at 5:04 pm

I recently purchased Neuro Programmer 3 from Transparent Corp.
The Ultimate Edition is only $90 and includes enough bells and whistles to keep you busy for a long long time. Plus, it has lots and lots of ready to use sessions for all sorts of purposes. The first day I customized a session and used two others…Quite a bit more flexible and powerful than anything Holosync offers and at a fraction of the cost of only ONE level! Of course, it comes without a bunch of hype and hard-sell pseudo spiritual psycho babble, so it may seem worthless to those who want to be conned. I have Holosync the first level…not saying it has no value…just saying NP3 is far more valuable at a much better price. AND they offer quick support and answers to questions! No, I am not on their payroll either!

140 John 05.09.11 at 10:54 pm

To the people who say they’re “satisfied” with the price they’re paying or “you get what you pay for” etc, etc. I’m sorry to inform you, but the Holosync CD’s are WAY overpriced. It’s just as simple as that.

If you want to rationalize the cost based solely on the fact that you bought the program, you’re free to do that. But, don’t for a moment think the CD’s are worth the price, because any person out there can make their own binaural beats for a fraction of the cost. In fact, you can do it for FREE.

I encourage anyone reading all of this to do their research and find out for themselves. You’ll be amazed at what marketing can convince people of. I find it amazing that people still pay for something that is free; or at least something that requires minimal labor to produce.

Just go to and make your own binaural beats. It’s really quite simple. Or for the free version go to

Take charge of your life! And stop buying into the hype, just because “you want to believe”. Believe in yourself instead.

141 Shannon D. 07.27.11 at 11:18 pm

Hi All,

I posted a couple of years ago and just stumbled across this thread again. I’m still using the Holosync program and am three levels from the end. I still experience profound changes with each new level. Over the past year, I have again changed my life extensively for the better and continue to experience more and more growth. It’s just been such an awesome and amazing experience for me! I never knew what kind of journey I would travel when I started this program.

I realize it’s not for everyone and that there may be less expensive programs out there that work for people. I have just stuck with what works for me and been thrilled and grateful for the results. It’s been such a life changing and amazing thing for me that I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We are all so different and find our way on different paths. I have felt compelled to post in case anyone almost overlooked this opportunity which has been so amazing for me. It may work for you and may not and I wish everyone success on the journey to growth and happiness.

142 Dr. McArdel 07.31.11 at 4:05 pm

I agree with these posts. Holosync is absoluetly hazardous to your ears. Marc Harris bases his marketing on the concept that there is a sucker born every minute. He has taken Hemi-Sync, screwed it up, and repackaged it as Holo-Sync. I would not send this buffoon one red cent of my hard earned money for such useless trash. The CD’s have many pops and skips and one doesnt even work!

143 Dave 08.21.11 at 6:14 am

a Dave from Binaural Beats
I tried the Holosync free CD and thought pretty much what was said here. Just a commercial.

144 ls 08.21.11 at 7:57 pm

OK. So let me get this straight. You opened up this discussion to point at the ethical questions regarding this program and your fear of “sheep” like us getting hypnotized and fall open to suggestion, and that the big bad man behind it will make money off us.

NOW, edited in later after being “busted”, you are also an affiliate for a competing business selling the exact same technology.

I quote you: “When I wrote this post, I wasn’t an affiliate for competing products (If I recall correctly) ” ………………………


145 Tori Deaux 08.21.11 at 8:45 pm

Dear ls —

I rarely respond in this thread anymore (since it’s mostly just fans or critics venting about their opinion) but I didn’t feel like deleting your comment, so you get an answer! Must be your lucky day! ;)

Yepp… I made this post 4 years ago, as part of a series of product reviews and recommendations I was testing out at the time . There was no ulterior motive to this post, and I was not “busted”. Yepp, sometime later on I decided to become an affiliate for other somewhat related products. (Holosync did not invent the concept, btw. And it is not the exact same technology, by a long shot, and the companies do not make even remotely similar claims )

I didn’t become a Transparent Corp affiliate in order to capitalize on the Holosync traffic, but because the software was related to my topic, I believed in the products, they took a science based approach, I liked the people I interacted with at the company, and I thought my readers would like them, too. (They did. It was cool.)

And yes, much later (once I realized that some folks could question the intent behind this post) I added the disclaimer. Because I like being transparent. And honest. There was no evil intent, tho – it was just one of those odd twists that happens when you run a blog for a number of years.

Let me ask you this… if a magazine runs a critical article about, say, a Ford Pinto… are they ethically bound to never again accept advertising from auto companies of all types? Of course not.

Oh, and just for the record: I dont think listening to a CD will make you a zombie (as I said in the post) and I don’t think Bill Harris is a “big bad man” – he’s just an internet marketer of personal development products, and as such, he’s as entitled to make a buck as anyone else.

Like, say, me.

Or you.

I just find it interesting that you’re questioning my ethics because of my transparency. I do wish people wouldn’t search for evil intent behind each and every font.

Thanks for your comment,

146 Abraham Kovler 09.02.11 at 2:01 am

I believe I’m the only person here reporting who has actually used HS for 3 years and up to Level 7 (or Purification #3). You might think me an idiot for doing this persistently and not realizing any benefit, perhaps only bouts of discomfort, but that is actually what I sincerely purport: I’m truly, truly not aware of any benefit gotten from any and all levels so far! I guess it’s the hope that if I keep doing the listening, that I would realize something great that would happen, but alas, still using the program, I grow only more cynical as I approach 66 years in this lifetime.
If anyone knows somebody else who has done what I’ve done, I’d appreciate letting me know, and any comments on what I’ve just written also.

147 Abraham Kovler 09.02.11 at 2:09 am

Just a bit of background in addition to what I’ve just reported, I have been eating a diet of unprocessed foods since 1966, have been involved in various spiritual practices all along, to show that I’m not some nooby, okay?
I’ve managed to remain youthful and relatively healthy for my age, but, to be honest, I have not achieved any great new consciousness that I could be proud of, there may be some deep seated problem that needs special handling by a professional, but I keep trying to find new ways to improve my spiritual experience and ability to cope with life as I face it.

148 Abraham Kovler 09.02.11 at 2:15 am

What I’m actually looking for on this site is anybody who stuck it out for a long time, even years, even though without apparent benefit, but… who finally did realize benefit. Now that, to me, would be very encouraging. I have never seen this reported, but I’m open to this encouragement. I could really use some!

149 Matt 09.23.11 at 7:12 pm

@Abraham Kovler

The only thing I can tell you is to stop trying to solve an emotional and psychological problem with spiritual solutions. I hope this is an epiphany for you.

150 Matt 09.23.11 at 7:15 pm

Has anyone had any tinnitus? Or ringing in the ears? Or popping in the ears? Or any ear problems from long term use of binaural beats?

…I’m starting to suspect binaural beats can stress the ears in a negative fashion. Every now and again I get ringing in my ears. And I have a strong suspicion it’s related to binaural beats.

151 Abraham Kovler 09.24.11 at 1:19 pm

Matt, sorry, it’s not any kind of epiphany for me!!! I also tried EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) but without results.

152 Abraham Kovler 09.24.11 at 1:33 pm

As far as getting what you pay for goes: “Hey, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, and I’ll even throw in the Tri-borough at no extra charge!”
How about some chemo at $15,000 a pop?
Do you always get what you pay for? I didn’t!!! I gave Holosync 3 years!!!

153 mind power 10.09.11 at 6:39 am

hi everybody ,
My question is that is it the CD that helping you or just your normal meditation on the music and CD just let you sit and do the effort ?
After reading some of the post I realize that it can be helpful, but how will we know that the positive affects came through the music or just by the concentration you made, In normal meditation sitting and concentrating is the difficult part so the CD does nothing but makes you sit and you do your normal meditation.
Guys who don’t have enough money i suggest that you should go for a free stuff there are tons of free stuff on you tube just go though , i will give you the links of famous yoga teacher, try this

154 mind power 10.09.11 at 10:58 am

hello guys
those who have tried other programs Try this and share your experience,
you don’t need to spend any money, there is very good stuff for free

155 Luna de Plata 10.24.11 at 6:50 pm

I have been in marketing for over 11 years and work very closely with a couple of major big box retailers. I find this whole conversation humerous becuase everyone is using the same accused techniques. We really have to “watch” everything. The name of the game is selling and if you think that a majority of your purchases are made of your own free will without some great repetative, high tech, visual subconsious stimulation than you are mistaken.

156 bzz 11.16.11 at 9:51 am

I to bought the entrapment marketing product mostly out of curiosity..When I put it on the player I was very disappointed and saw it as a marketing entrapment.. I already have such cds and some were made by extraordinary individuals AND MUCH BETTER..and no hype included.
His emails are quite rude and off putting and by his last email that is totally manipulative and guilt tripping to those more vulnerable and desperate individuals who might be a bit naive as to what he is doing..Todays email was he was sitting there in tears, and his wife told him not to send the email, accusing me of being a lost cause and so on and the part that makes him sound like a very desperate man who is trying to swindle me by trying to make me feel so bad because of all his sacrifices made for people like myself or a failure that I will give in a drop a wad to prove him not wrong. Shaming folks to get what one wants?!! Really ? I agree there needs to be some investigation done on the product , the method of sales etc. Frankly I find his method unethical, rude and off putting. This is not the kind of energy I want to be associated with this sort of practice. I am blessed to have years of yoga education and read a lot of books and gone to many lectures to know there are many resources out there..We never really know what turn of events have occurred in ones life to not follow through with something. I find this individual quite insensitive and prefer to avoid his energy as much as possible. I guess I should thank him for letting me see what his true colors are before I had pursued further.

157 Jay Tee 11.19.11 at 2:15 am

Hi, I’ve just listened with mounting irritation to the introductory cd of Holosync. I just wanted Bill Harris to shut up and go away so I could expeience Holosync for myself – like a really, truly grownup. Unusually and surprisingly, after the final few minutes of plain Holosync I am irritable and wish I hadn’t listened to it.
That’s my response to the Holosync Intro CD.
I’m hoping I’ll be able to sleep tonight.


158 Leon De Broize 11.22.11 at 8:30 am

I have very recently had the same experience as you Tori. I found it more than a little annoying that I had wasted my time. Unfortunately I hand’t done the research or I would have found this forum. I eventually bought Equisynch and am very happy. The first thing that came to mind was that if the director of Holosynch was misleading in his offer of the demo; what belse would he be dishonest about. 6.5 minutes of demo without his overdub sales pitch isn’t nearly enough to evaluate the demo. I wouldn’t go anywhere near his product, no matter how many good reviews it has received from his existing clients. Who likes to admit that they were wrong when making their purchase ? So! Holosynch ……. NO, NO, NO.

159 Tom 12.07.11 at 1:47 am

I would simply say this about Holosync – don’t waste your money. I spent over $1,200 getting to level 5, and after getting tired of spending over $200 for each level, did some research and found “Equisync. ( $89 total for a significantly better program. And beware, once you get on Bill Harris’ e-mail list, you never get off. I made at least 4 requests for Holosync to remove me from their mailing list, never happened. I finally had to label their e-mails as spam.

160 Cate 01.04.12 at 10:48 am

After reading all the above, I believe I have been done. I understood, stupid me that it was the cost of the whole programme and that they only sent it when they thought you would be ready. Boy if I could market like that it would be great. I was simply selfish and cannot justify paying anymore. I love the sounds of nature, however you can by these relaxing type CD’s in any music shop. I got upset when I received an email promoting a sure cure for cancer and that the Pharmaceutical companies were not telling the truth about Chemotherapy. I sort of went balistic and made my thoughts known. I can’t believe anyone would prey on people so ill stating “Bill Clinton eats eat every day and Patrick Swayze would be alive today and the the Chemo killed him. It is a throw away product. If it can do what this guy says it can why not let the world know without charging them a fortune. I’d put it out there immediately. Anyway the headphones are cheap and nasty as well. You get them complimentary on any aircraft, or cheap in any $2 shop.
I was so excited, now I feel fooled. What were the least expensive versions again. The thread is so long I lost track. Perhaps someone could compact it. I am in Australia and can’t sleep.

161 Wondering 01.15.12 at 6:50 pm

Wondering if anyone knows what “The Dive” very first stuff you listen to, I hear a guy’s voice come up here and there and I wonder if there is a recording of some sort in the background. I ask because the first sets don’t have your voice recorded on them but this was totally a phrase at different times and I stopped listening after that.

They don’t actually tell you what is on the first sets. Yes the bg noise lowers brain wave activity but what else is on the first cds?


162 Susan 01.16.12 at 1:38 pm

I bought eaquisync but it has not arrived. I’ve had a bit of a negative reaction to the demo brain wave tape. I had to tell myself to ignore the repetative pulse which was so fast like a heart beat going into a panic and the rain sounding like a gutter and I started thinking of toilets, showers, flooding. The rain drops sounded sharp and piercing. My yoga teacher has beautiful relaxing music and this sounded horrible compared to it. I understand from the demo explanation that the same sound track is used over all the different brain patterns. Oh yuck. However, I am willing to try for awhile. Maybe there is something to it but to tell you the truth, half the battle mignt be that anything that gets you to lie down, put on some headphones and then say to yourself I don’t have to try to meditate, it will do it for me, is perhaps somewhat effective, like a placebo. So I don’t know if you can objectively evaluate this stuff so easily. I’ll see and try to report. I know how frustrating it is to look for reviews and read someones blog about how they just got something and they haven’t really tried yet but it looks ok or not ok and then you never hear back their real evaluation after time.l

163 Tori Deaux 01.17.12 at 5:37 pm

For those wondering about the delay in comment approval: My spam filter has been acting a bit wonky, which means sorting through tons of spam by hand… and this is, after all, a five year old post!

I’ll probably be closing this comment thread soon, and creating a new post where discussion will be a bit more manageable.

164 Wondering 01.17.12 at 6:31 pm

It would be great if you’d make one last comment with a URL before closing so those of us interested in following up receive an email notification. Wish more sites used a similar notification system. In any case, still wondering if we know whether or not the first series of Holosync recordings have anything embedded in them.


Just wondering.

165 Tori Deaux 01.18.12 at 12:46 am

I’ll definitely make a comment with a link to the new discussion page when it’s live, and I’ll update the post as well. It is a great subscription plugin, isn’t it?

I’d like to know the answer to your question about embedded messages on the first HS series, as well. Anyone want to chime in?

(Note: The site will be down for 24 hours in protest of SOPA/PIPA)

166 Kieth 02.05.12 at 10:58 pm

I use this program (holosync) and I can tell you it DEFINATELY works for ME.

Will it work for you? I believe that if you use it correctly and WANT it to work, it will!

Here is my conclusion:

I challenge you to find me 1 single product in existence that SOMEONE hasn’t said something negative about. I bet you can’t do it!

I think I made an interesting point.

Point = Different strokes for different folks & You find what you want to find.

If you look for problems, you will find problems. Even if you have to create one from nothing.

Peace and love. :-)

167 Chris 03.12.12 at 1:03 am

The most frustrating thing about TransparentCorp is that all their products are Windows only. While Harris is shipping out CDs that can be played or imported on all platforms, TransparentCorp is in the stone ages by only catering to PC users– and they don’t even offer CDs! It’s impossible to comparison shop between products if TransparentCorp limits themselves to one platform only.

168 Tori Deaux 03.12.12 at 12:49 pm

Hi Chris,
The “wrong platform” frustration… I totally get it! (I’m on PC, and have been drooling over some of the Mac programs for a decade). If you do a search for “brainwave entrainment on Mac” (or for IPad or IPhone) you should come up with some alternatives. I know there are quite a few phone apps available, too but I haven’t kept up with this market for a while, so I can’t make specific suggestions :(