Helper Mice Wanted : A Very Personal Ad (part 1)

by ToriDeaux on December 13, 2009

image Preface & Disclaimer: Though I’ve labeled this “part 1″, it’s actually more of a prequel, &  should probably be numbered part zero, or negative .4, or something odd like that.

Also, this whole thing is probably going to sound a bit wacky. I’ve tried to explain a bit of the nuttier parts so they sound less woo-filled, but, you know what? There’s only so much explaining you can do about Helper Mice.

So if you’re going to decide I’m stark raving mad, go ahead.   If you’d just like to know more about one of the concepts I’m touching on here, and why I don’t think it makes me crazier than a dormouse, well…  let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to explain!  Now, on with the post proper, in a more appropriate and readable font-size.

Over on The Fluent Self, Havi Brooks (yes, I’ve been plugging her a lot. Get used to it. ) has been doing this thing she calls Very Personal Ads.

In Havi’s own words:

The Very Personal Ads are a practice where we ask for something we want in order to get clarity on stuff and also to practice getting better at asking for things.”

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*Pindrop* Sure is quiet round these parts, ain’t it?

by ToriDeaux on November 18, 2009

image Forgive me Tweakers, for I have sinned…. it has been <mumble mumble  cough insert-insane-length-of-time-here> since I last posted.

But I’m not going to promise to do better  (even though that’s my intention).

Why Not?

Honestly, because I might NOT do better.
And I don’t want to make a promise I can’t keep.

Besides, I hate those sorts of “I’ll post more often!” promising blog things. Especially when they aren’t followed by more blog posts.

Truth is, I had a minor (major?) freakout starting this past summer.   And maybe I should keep all this info to myself (as the blogging experts suggest) but since this blog is all about the mind and brain,and fixing them (Especially mine) it all seems relevant somehow.

So What Happened?

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Echo Poems: The Return of The Weekly Tweak

by ToriDeaux on July 17, 2009

Dream of Crime and Punishment  by Grandville,  1847

It’s been so quiet and empty around here lately, I can hear my own  thoughts echo.  In fact, maybe it’s not the heat that’s been driving these dreadful headaches all week, but the echo reverberations may be at fault.

I’ll have to think about that… that… that…

Oh, never mind.

I’ll just take some more Advil, and get on with the Tweakage.

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Ketchup on Tuesday: Musical Minds, Caffeinne & America’s Brain Health

by ToriDeaux on July 7, 2009

Yes, I know. I *said* I was going to do a  ketchup-catchup post every Friday.   But I’m behind on my catching up; did you really expect anything else? ;) Seriously, I’ve been buried in work for Brain Fitness Boot Camp all week… with a major forum upgrade and changes in how the course material is accessed, etc.    Those of you who are members will be getting an email shortly, detailing the additions – and for those of you who aren’t signed up yet, well… what are you waiting for, dang nabbit?

But while my head was buried in code, some cool things crossed my desk… and some other things are still bubbling on the back burner. [click to continue...]

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Top 5 Things I’ve Learned From Brain Blogging

by ToriDeaux on June 26, 2009

Actually, these might or might not be the *top* things I’ve learned… because really, I’m not sure how to rank them.  But they’re certainly five things I didn’t expect to learn.  Anyway, on with the list!

1.Neuroplasticity Rocks.     guitar image from cmpt on Stock.Xchng (Brain from iStock)

Although there’s no simple way to summarize it,  my deepening understanding of  how the neural pathways in the brain grow, strengthen, change and fade away has made a huge difference in my approach to… well.. everything.   The concepts involved have helped me to understand how both good and bad habits are formed, maintained and changed…   that new things are *supposed* to be hard, and being “smart” doesnt magically make new neural pop into existence without work. 

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