11 Reasons on Why Ants Get in Your House

Ants, although not typically super harmful to people, are very annoying to deal with. Once they’re in, they will continue to grow in population if they are not dealt with quickly and properly. You need to act swiftly or else they might take over various quarters of the house in large numbers. Call pest control for assistance as soon as possible.

The best way to deal with ants is to prevent them in the first place. Below are eleven different reasons on why ants get in your house:

Reason #1: Moisture

Ants are attracted to moist spaces. This is the environment where they thrive best, so any dripping or leaking pipes around your house will be attractive to them. This is especially true once the water starts to damage the wood surrounding those pipes, as it will create a nice, soft niche for them to live in.

To avoid this, make sure you are keeping an eye out for leaky pipes on a regular basis, and fixing any that you find.

Reason #2: Pet food

What causes ants to go to our house is pet food. It is a perfect snack for them. Not only that, it is located on the floor, and there are often crumbs and leftovers laying around. Some animals are even self fed, meaning there is always food laying around on the floor.

Ants will sniff this out in a heartbeat, and will enjoy the steady provisions. Make sure to clean the area around your pets’ dishes frequently .

Reason #3: Sugar

Your pets are not the only problem, though. Ants love sugar more than anything, even if it is in a package. Eventually they can even eat through the package, and infiltrate the sugar, or the sugary substance.

If you are at particular risk of having sugar ants, make sure that all sugar and sugary foods are sealed in glass or plastic containers.

Reason #4: Crumbs

Leftover food is like a welcome buffet for ants. If you have crumbs on the counters and floors in your kitchen, ants will be attracted to them. In order to avoid ants coming in to scavenge at your leftovers, make sure to wipe down and clean up all crumbs, spills, and food immediately.

Reason #5: Fruit

It’s pretty common to leave fruit like bananas, oranges, and apples in a fruit dish on the counter or table. However, especially during the summer months, these attract ants. It is best to hide fruit either in the fridge or in containers of some kind.

Reason #6: Garbage

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, it turns out that your trash is also an ant’s treasure too. All the leftover food bits, spills, and other disgusting things that we don’t want are exactly the things that ants love! If you don’t empty your garbage frequently enough, or if you don’t wash your garbage can – both inside and out – especially if there has been a spill, you could be in for some tiny friends.

Reason #7: Plants

Indoor plants are pretty, but they also remind ants of home. If you have potted plants inside, it is important to check them for ants on a pretty regular basis. If they find their way to your potted plants, they may not leave.

Reason #8: Mess surrounding house

It is important to clear out any messy and tall plants and weeds that surround the house. As well, any wood or other debris surrounding the house can provide nice, cozy, warm places for ants to live. Bringing them so close to your home is a sure-fire way to ensure they end up inside. This also goes for trees with big branches that come close to your roof.

Reason #9: Cracks and crevices

Houses are typically pretty well insulated against the outside, but ants are really, really tiny, so they’re good at finding and getting in through the tiniest cracks in a house. It might be a good idea to go around every once in a while and look for any cracks you may find, and fill them with plaster or caulking. You could drive yourself crazy doing this, so don’t go too hard, but any crack filled is one less crack that ants can get in through.

Reason #10: Bring them in

If you are bringing any furniture, wood, or other materials in from outside, be sure it is clear of ants. You don’t want to get an ant infestation because you brought them in yourself.

Reason #11: Accident

Ants can accidentally find their way into your home. This is usually the only way that you would get a base nest in your home. Ants will often create satellite nests in homes, which are meant to be a secondary colony that brings back food to the base nest. However, sometimes a queen will find her way into a home’s walls and nest there.

The next thing you know, you’ve got ants. Listen for the rustling sounds, and watch for signs of ants. You can’t really avoid an accidental invasion, but you can deal with it immediately if it does occur. Luckily, these are incredibly rare, and it’s unlikely that this is the source of your ant problem.

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