Five Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defence Attorney

If you have been arrested, you will need an attorney. When you cannot afford an attorney, the court will provide a state-appointed attorney for you. However, state-appointed attorneys often have a huge caseload. They are also reported to be underpaid and overworked. They will do the best job they can in your defence, but paid criminal attorneys have more time to contribute to your case. Whether you feel you were arrested wrongfully or you know you are “guilty” of the charges, you should always hire a criminal lawyer.

1. Court Is Complicated

The court process is extremely complicated. There is a reason why attorneys spend thousands of dollars in student loans to go to law school. Through their education and experience, they understand the inner workings of the court. There are a number of hearings, filings, and other court procedures that take place before a trial. If you miss one element, you may undermine your entire court case. A defence attorney will help you through the court process, file court paperwork, and keep your case on track.

2. Paperwork Is Complicated

Like the court process, the paperwork that must be filled out and filed is also complicated. The terminology is legally written and extremely wordy. It is very difficult to know how to file paperwork let alone ensure everything is filled out properly. A criminal lawyer knows how to fill out the paperwork, when to file it, what type of paperwork to file, and what to include or disclude in the paperwork.

3. Defence Attorneys Understand Jury Members

If you cannot settle with the prosecution and your case goes to trial, a criminal defence attorney is trained and experienced in talking to a jury. Winning a trial is extremely difficult without having this background. You may think you can just talk to the jury like you see on television. Television courts and dramas are far from real court hearings. You will want someone experienced in defence law representing you to the jury.

4. Defence Attorneys Are Educated in the Law

You may think there is no way out of the punishment for your charges and take a deal. Without a criminal defence attorney, you will put yourself at risk for taking a more severe punishment. Defence attorneys are educated in the law. They will represent you with your best interests. They may find that you were not properly processed, certain filings or paperwork is not present, or another loophole that can greatly lower or dismiss your charges.

5. The Prosecution Will Have an Attorney

Whether you choose to hire a defence attorney or not, the prosecution will always have an attorney. You might think you do not need an attorney because you can talk to the judge or the prosecution and tell them your side of the charges. However, when you have been criminally charged, the prosecution will do everything to represent the state and get a conviction. A defence attorney will advocate for you and make the strongest case. Without a defence attorney, you most likely will not be heard and your chances of being convicted exponentially increase.

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