8 Very Small Living and Dining Room Ideas

Are your living room and dining room too small for your liking? Or perhaps your home is so small that you have only one room to dedicate to your living and dining areas.

No matter what your situation is, don’t despair! Just because you don’t have a lot of space doesn’t mean you can’t make it comfortable, functional, and stylish. Small living and dining room ideas will help you determine how to make the most of your space.

Here are eight very small living and dining room ideas:

Very small living room ideas

Small living rooms are naturally cozy and intimate. It might be best to forget about trying to fit a large sectional sofa and a huge coffee table in there. Use only the essential items from living room furniture sets. With the right choices, your very small living room will be comfortable without looking cramped.

You can also give it a stylish and inviting look.

Idea #1: Make an accent wall the focal point

Make an accent wall to keep your living room decor simple and avoid overcrowding this small room with patterns and textures. Simply choose a wall, and paint it a different colour.

You can decorate it with artwork or a small gallery wall displaying some of your favourite photos. You can then use the accent wall’s colour on a few accessories throughout the room, such as throw pillows or a nice vase.

Idea #2: Create the illusion of space with mirrors

If you would like your living room to look more spacious than it is, gets one or two large mirrors. Mirrors easily create the illusion of space and make your small living room feel light and airy, especially if your mirror can be placed on a wall opposing a window. If you have two large mirrors, place them on opposing walls.

Idea #3: Anchor your furniture with an area rug

An area rug can help define your space. You can get a plush area rug and use it as an outline for your living room by letting your sofa, armchair, and coffee table sit on it. A large area rug can help make a small room feel larger and become an important part of your decor. For example, if all your walls are white, you can opt for a dark area rug to add depth to the space.

Very small dining room ideas

A dining room is great for sharing meals with family and friends. It often becomes the space where your kids sit down to do their homework, and you can also use it as a home office. It needs to be functional, even if it’s small.

Idea #4: Save space with custom furniture

To make the most of your small dining room, you can get custom furniture designed and built so it will perfectly meet your needs. This is an even better idea if your dining room is very narrow or if it features some odd angles.

You could get a dining table with large storage drawers or one connected to a stylish shelving unit that can act as a room divider.

Idea #5: Consider a built-in bench

A built-in bench that fills a corner of your small dining room will give you a few seats. You can place your dining table in front of the bench and get a few chairs to place on the other side of it whenever you are expecting guests.

You could float your bench so it will not take any floor space. Alternatively, it could double as a storage chest so you can store items with no other place to go.

Idea #6: Get a round table

If you have a very small dining room, you will probably be unable to entertain many guests. Instead of a huge dining table that takes up half the space in the room, opt for a small circular table. It will help you save some space and works well to create a cozy dining nook paired with a built-in bench.

Very small living room and dining room ideas

The following ideas are good for a small living room, a small dining room, or both sharing the same space.

Idea #7: Choose the right colour palette

Your decor will look more coherent if you choose a simple colour palette. And if your living and dining rooms share the same space, it only makes sense for them to share the same colour scheme. Your safest option is to paint your walls a neutral colour, such as white, beige, or grey.

You can then decorate the space with one or two accent colours, but keep it simple. This will help the small space look less cramped than if it was filled with many contrasting and bold colours.

Idea #8: Save space with multi-purpose furniture

Small furniture in a small room will make it look even smaller. Instead, opt for full-sized furniture, but get less of it. One way to make this work is to get multi-purpose furniture.

Think about a storage bench that can double as a coffee table or as an extra seat. A bookshelf that acts as a room divider or a TV stand with plenty of drawers for storage.

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