6 Cool Tricks on How to Make Headlights Brighter

If you own a car, you know all too well about how vital it is to keep the vehicle in good condition. From conducting periodic oil checks, to checking the tires for any holes, your car should always be at a prime state. However, sometimes the vehicle’s components may weaken without us even noticing.

Take your car’s headlights, for example. While on the road, you may notice that the headlights are working as intended. To the untrained eye, however, they may be lacking due to a myriad of reasons. Should the brightness of the lights start to dwindle, don’t panic.

Keep in mind these six tips on how to make headlights brighter:

1. Restoration Kit

For those of you who do not want to go through the hassle of switching your lights out, a kit should suffice. Headlight restoration kits are essentially products that improve your car’s light emission. Since wear and tear increasingly becomes a factor overtime, headlights may be impeded by miniature scratches.

In addition, the protective covering over the headlights can actually make the lighting fade, when in use. Restoration kits not only make your headlights appear brighter, but cleaner. You’d be amazed as to how beneficial they are when put into use. If you are having trouble cleaning your headlights, a restoration kit may be the answer you were searching for.

2. Toothpaste Method

Using a toothpaste is another tip on how to make headlights brighter. Believe it or not, but, sometimes, the most obvious hacks used for cleaning will work as intended. Bring out a spare tube of toothpaste and an old rag that isn’t being used anymore. Apply the toothpaste to the first headlight in question, and wipe the area with the rag in a circular motion.

Conduct the same motion on the other headlight as soon as you are finished. You’ll want to do this for at least three to five minutes on each light, until it appears cleaner. Finish off by wiping them with a damp cloth, to clear the light of any toothpaste traces. Once switched on, you should see a noticeable increase in brightness from your headlights.

3. Premium Halogen Bulbs

Sometimes, the brightness problem with your headlights is internal, not external. As a result, you may have to inspect the bulb itself, to see if there is anything wrong with it. Overtime, you’ll begin to notice that the bulb decreases in vibrancy. To return the headlights to their maximum brightness, use premium halogen bulbs.

Halogen bulbs can increase the brightness of your headlights by at least twenty-five per cent. Plus, the bulbs themselves are generally inexpensive, so you can pick up a few spares as well. When combined with a restoration kit, you’ll notice almost immediately how powerful the lights can become.

4. LED Headlights

In terms of achieving the maximum brightness, you’d find no better replacement than LED headlights. Recent studies have shown that LED headlights are preferred to their halogen counterparts, when trying to emit more light on the road. When put into use, these headlights emit a powerful stream of white light.

LED headlights don’t have to be reserved for luxury cars that you may see at night. With the right installation kit on hand, you’ll be able to retrofit your vehicle’s headlights with these potent bulbs. Moreover, they are expected to last longer as well; you won’t have to worry about going dark when driving!

5. HID Headlights

While LED headlights may be a preferable choice for improving your car’s headlights, they aren’t the only one. In fact, high-intensity discharge, or HID, lights are also readily known for their powerful streams of light. What differentiates them from other headlight choices is that they are energy efficient.

Once installed correctly, HID headlights are expected to last up to five times longer than other options. Alongside their LED equivalents, there are HID installation kits that can transform your bulbs entirely. For example, if you have halogen bulbs installed, these kits can retrofit them into HID variants, all via a bit of manual work.

6. Washing With Water

Even if your headlights have deteriorated slightly, you may not have to resort to additional measures. Therefore, it is always recommended that you at least clean out your headlights with water and soap at first.

Generally speaking, this is a test to see whether or not you may require a new set of lights altogether. Getting rid of any dust or grime present is the first, and possibly last, step to ensuring your lights work as intended.

With a bit of ingenuity and creativity, you don’t have to splurge on multiple strategies, just to fix your headlights. All that is needed is a few quick fixes, and then you will be good to go. Safety is paramount while on the road; bright headlights are, therefore, vital!

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