9 Tips and Tricks for Hiding Vape Smell

There are different reasons why you might want to hide the vape smell when you are vaping at home or in a public space.

Perhaps you are trying to be discreet or live with someone who doesn’t like your vaping vapour smells. Or maybe you simply don’t like the smell that lingers on your clothes and all around your room when you are done vaping.

Whether you want to prevent bad odours or get rid of them, these nine tips for hiding vape smell will help you.

Tip #1: Choose a mild flavour of e-juice

The flavour of e-juice you choose will be partly responsible for how the vapour will smell. For example, tobacco-flavoured e-juice will leave a strong scent, just like sweet fruit or dessert-flavoured e-juices.

A mild flavour should produce a less noticeable smell. It’s also possible to turn to vape e-juice with no flavour whenever you are vaping around people who are bothered by the smell, so they will have no reason to complain.

Tip #2: Choose e-juice with a low VG content

Unless you are a beginner, you know how the PG/VG ratio of your e-juice can transform your vaping experience.

An e-juice that contains more VG will produce thicker clouds. Many vapers love this, but keep in mind that with thicker clouds comes a stronger smell. If your goal is to prevent vape smell, it’s best to choose an e-juice with a low VG content, which will produce thinner clouds that will dissipate quickly.

Tip #3: Use a less powerful vaping device

The type of vaping device you use can also help you prevent strong vaping smells.

If you use a large, powerful vape mod, you will produce thick clouds. Instead, opt for a small vape pods or a simple e-cigarette with a small coil, which will generate smaller clouds.

Less powerful vaping devices are also less efficient, but they are a much better option if hiding your vape smell is important to you.

Tip #4: Produce less vapour by vaping at a low heat

If you don’t want to get a less powerful vaping device, you can try adjusting your heat of yours. When vaping at a lower heat, you will produce smaller clouds and generate a less noticeable smell.

You can also try to vape more slowly, which will allow your device some time to cool. Simply wait at least 30 seconds between each puff instead of chain vaping.

Tip #5: Make a “sploof” to counteract the smell of vapour

A “sploof” is a device some teenagers use when they want to hide their smoking habit from their parents, but it can also help you hide the vape smell easily.

You need an empty plastic bottle, dryer sheets, paper towels, rubber bands, and a knife.

  • Poke at least five holes in the bottom of your bottle.
  • Wrap a few dryer sheets around the bottom of your bottle, and secure them with the rubber bands.
  • Push a few more dryer sheets inside your bottle, then add a few paper towels.

Simply blow your vapour clouds inside the bottle, and close the cap whenever you vape. The vapour will go through the layers of dryer sheers and come out smelling like fresh laundry.

Tip #6: Always vape in a well-ventilated area

Vaping outdoors is an easy way to get rid of the smell easily. If you are indoors, be sure to vape in a well-ventilated area.

Open windows and doors, and consider using a fan to improve the room’s airflow. Even if your vaping device generates a strong smell, it should clear out quickly.

Tip #7: Use an air purifier to clear out the room

Opening a window is not always a good idea, especially during the winter when it’s very cold outside. To hide your vape smell, you could buy a quality air purifier and use it while you are vaping and at least an hour after you are done to allow it to eliminate the smell.

Some air purifiers are designed specifically to get rid of cigarette smoke, and they can also be a good option for vapers.

Tip #8: Cover up the scent with another scent

You could also cover up the scent left by your vapour clouds with another scent. Try using an air freshener, scented candles, or incense.

Tip #9: Clean the room when you are done vaping

If the vape smell has been lingering in your home, it’s time for some house cleaning. Wipe down hard surfaces, vacuum the carpets and the rugs, wash curtains and do anything that can be washed.

Of course, you won’t have to clean up your entire home each time you want to vape. But house cleaning might be the only way to eliminate the vape smell accumulating over time.

When your home is fresh and clean, do your best to prevent the smell.

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