8 Useful Space Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Whether you are a college student looking to make the most out of your cramped dorm room or an adult trying to make the best out of a small living space, optimizing space in your bedroom is a no-brainer. It ensures that you can store all your belongings and add your personality to your space, all while still being able to move around the area easily.

In any case, decluttering your space is a must when creating a stress-free environment (I know we could all use it these days). Because designing and arranging a small bedroom can be difficult, I’ve compiled a list of hacks that ensure you can maximize your space without sacrificing your flair.

Your small bedroom can hold a lot more than you think. Check out these eight useful space saving ideas for small bedrooms:

Space Saving Idea #1: Sofa beds

Sofa beds is one of the best space saving ideas for small bedrooms. This multipurpose item is essential in changing the small bedroom game. Sofa beds are easy to fold and unfold, allowing your room to turn into any room needed. Your bedroom suddenly can double as the living room or the home office.

Want to have friends over for drinks? Here comes the sofa! Want to kick your friends out and call it a night? It’s time to pull out of the bed! A sofa bed for small spaces gives you that extra floor space during the day. You can use that space to do some yoga, play with a pet, or play a board game.

Space Saving Idea #2: Use mirrors wisely

Mirrors are a great way to amplify your space; it tricks the eye into thinking there is more space than there is. By strategically placing the mirror (in the corner of your room, for example), your small bedroom can take on the appearance of a large one.

If you choose to lean your mirror against the wall, you could utilize the space behind the mirror by placing command hooks and hanging your purses or hats along the back of the mirror. For even better use of space, you could purchase a mirror cabinet. It looks the same as any other full-length mirror; however, it opens up to provide a space to hang your accessories and jewelry.

Space Saving Idea #3: Compile a gallery wall

If you would like to add some personality to your room without taking up much space, a gallery wall serves as the perfect accent. A gallery wall is a cohesive collection of hung artwork: paintings, drawings, and posters placed nearby. By confining your decor to one wall, the other walls remain free for storage— more details to come.

Space Saving Idea #4: Use height to your advantage

Now that your other walls are free for storage, it is important to use height to your advantage. Hanging shelves are a great way to use all the free space on the walls. By doing this, you could even discard bookshelves altogether and save that space for other furniture.

Hanging lamps and bedside lights on the ceiling or wall are also effective ways of minimizing floor space. Opting for taller drawers rather than wider drawers allows you to store the same amount of clothing for lessened square footage

Space Saving Idea #5: Store miscellaneous items inside your luggage

It is no surprise that luggage is bulky. They take up space, don’t look particularly aesthetic, and remain empty when you are not travelling. Instead, try using them as forms of storage for miscellaneous items. Have binders upon binders upon binders? Place them in a suitcase and shove them in the closet. Have birthday cards, gifts, and trinkets? Into the suitcase they go!

If you place the suitcases upright, you leave much more floor room in your closet. However, if you place it with its back on the floor, you could place your shoes on top.

Space Saving Idea #6: Vacuum pack unused clothing

Have a bunch of bulky winter jackets taking up your closet space during the summer? Vacuum packing your unused clothing ensures enough room in your closet to store the essentials. Rotating out your clothes twice a year is all you need!

If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, you could use a ziplock bag and your mouth for smaller items such as pants and swimsuits. Once you’ve vacuum-packed your clothing, you could place them in a box on the floor of your closet or even your luggage!

Space Saving Idea #7: Make use of multipurpose items

Multipurpose items provide solutions to several small-bedroom-related problems. The accessory mirror, for example, was an easy fix. Other suggestions include placing your desk beside your bed so it could double as a nightstand.

Nightstands with wheels can also double as a side table at your desk when you’re working. Ottomans and benches often open up to provide storage for small items while still serving as a seat.

Space Saving Idea #8: Make use of command hooks

Command hooks are the holy grail of space optimization in small rooms. They are versatile, strong, easy to access, and affordable.

Command hooks can hang your jackets on the door, your hats on the wall, your router beside your desk, or your accessories behind the mirror. They can be bought at any dollar store or hardware store, nd many can be removed from the wall without leaving any damage (renter-friendly!).


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