7 Best White Exterior House Paint Ideas

Choosing the perfect exterior colour for your house is a challenging task. Although there are many options, many homeowners love the elegance of white exterior house paint colours. White paint is popular because it will match nearly all other colours. Plus, there are plenty of white exterior paint colours in the market, giving you lots of variety.

When choosing a white exterior paint colour, one should evaluate the possible undertones to avoid settling for too bright or dull shades. Another essential consideration when choosing a white exterior paint colour is its effect on natural light. The lack of adequate reflection makes the exteriors appear more awkwardly calm than expected. You might not want to use a white that’s too dull or bright for your exteriors. 

Although white paint colours match nearly all environments, some tones are suitable for certain surroundings while others aren’t. Consider your surroundings when choosing the best white paint colour for your exterior. Similarly, various home designs will accommodate white paint colour differently, especially on the exteriors. For instance, pure white is more suitable for modern homes than traditional ones. You should consider a white tone that perfectly matches your other exterior features, such as the doors, roof, and trims.

Quality remains an unshakeable factor with exterior paint colours and on all other products. Your white paint should be good quality and free from flaking and cracking. High-quality paint should serve you for years before replacing or coating. Many homeowners use Benjamin Moore outdoor paint because of its quality and reliability.

There are several considerations one should make to avoid colour clashes and related mistakes. Here are the seven best white exterior house paint ideas:

1. Pure White Paint

Pure white is a great colour for exteriors and interiors but is fancier on the outside. It will give your home a creamy touch, not forgetting how warm and welcoming it feels. A pure white exterior paint colour relates to many surroundings, including green grass, mountainous, tropical, beach, and others.

Even better, you’re not limited with the house design to paint purely white, as the colour goes well with nearly all popular house designs.

2. White Dove Paint

Another white colour that is perfect for the exterior is the white dove. As a shade of white, the white dove can accommodate any design and architecture, from ranch houses to beach homes and green homesteads. Many designers and architects have recommended that the colour be welcoming and warm when natural light hits.

3. Oyster White Paint

Oyster white is one of the white colours you can choose for your exteriors and is best when matched with warm stone colours. The colour offers a calm white appearance on the outside, not forgetting how well it can align with different terrains and surroundings. With oyster white on your exteriors, you will get the best effect on natural light in your home.

4. Simply White Paint

Simply white is slightly similar to pure white, with a weak yellow undertone. Several designers and architects have recommended the warm white colour for exteriors, which never disappoints.
You will sometimes notice the yellow undertone depending on the intensity of natural light and surroundings. Simply white matches well with all white and other significant undertones.

5. China White Paint

You can never go wrong with a China white paint on your exteriors. The colour is beige, making it perfect for house design and surroundings. A China white exterior will welcome natural light in the warmest way possible, enhancing your confidence when you have guests.

It also blends with other colours, such as black, red, blue, and green, perfect for creating a stunning exterior.

6. White Duck Paint

The white duck is the best option if you want creamy paint with a weak yellow touch. The colour is a perfect blend of cream and beige, creating a soft appearance that is not too creamy or dull.

White duck is known to perfectly accommodate natural light’s effect without appearing awkwardly too bright. Don’t worry about blends, as white duck matches with other colours nicely.

7. White Paint and Complementary Colour

Plenty of colours can be paired with white paint to achieve an appealing and durable exterior. Some of these complements include:

  • Brick and wood accents.
  • Black
  • Ruby red
  • Gray
  • Mediterranean blue.
  • Mossy green
  • Egg yellow
  • Ocean blue
  • Pale blue
  • Pale pink

It’s normal to be caught in a dilemma when choosing the best colour for your house’s exterior. Shades of white can be even more challenging, with barely significant differences. After grasping several ideal paint colours for your exteriors from this blog, you’re ready to get crafty with your new home. You can always consult with a designer or architect for more effective results.

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