11 Most Effective Apartment Balcony Shade Ideas

A balcony is a fine place to catch some sun. Except when you really don’t want to be under beating rays of heat. For moments like that, a little bit of shade will do you some good. As the summer pulls itself around, it’s no doubt time to clear off the balcony and consider what sort of season’s ahead.

Here are eleven apartment balcony shade ideas to keep the sun at bay:

Idea #1: Balcony Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella is a classic apartment balcony shade idea. Chill under the shade with an item that’s relatively affordable, portable, and which can be brought in come winter. If your balcony’s large enough to accommodate a patio umbrella, it should certainly be one of the first things on your list to use when hiding from the sun.

Patio umbrellas come in many different designs and styles. Choose a patio umbrella that goes well with your balcony flooring. With the right combination, it will make your balcony patio look absolutely spectacular.

Idea #2: Balcony Canopy

A canopy offers total shade protection on a balcony. The canopy can cover the entirety of the balcony but sometimes at the expense of having a little bit of sunshine in. A canopy extends upward from poles usually fashioned in each corner. These poles then stretch a material horizontally at an increased height, essentially providing a roof of material over your head.

Idea #3: Balcony Screens

A screen you can position on a railing to one side of your balcony. A screen can be plain material, sure. What we recommend though is making it unique in some way. Make it a wall of color or patterns. Make it a wall of interesting textures. Have it be a plant wall with artificial plants and artificial arts and craft pieces, a la butterflies and such. There are a lot of really interesting ways to make a screen into something extraordinary.

Idea #4: Balcony Strands

Strands or strings can be fashioned to create either a net or something to wrap material around. This will effectively block out some sun while adding visual interest to your balcony. A lot of homeowners will use strands of netting to install wiry plants, as an example. Just note, you may not block all light from entering which may disqualify this option if you’re seeking something more shade-ful.

Idea #5: Balcony Shade Sail

A shade sail works sort of like a canopy except instead of being fashioned across poles or a structure, the material is tied from your railing to the edge of your roof. This creates a diagonal tent-esque vibe that also happens to resemble a ship’s sail. There are alternative ways to set up shade sails of course as well as different shapes one can buy.

Idea #6: Balcony Curtains

You can fashion curtains out of almost any material. Assuming your balcony is attached to some sort of roof or gutter, hanging attachments on which to fasten curtain material is easy. Hang a curtain over your railing, similar to a shade sail. You can choose to fasten it with pins or let it blow in the wind. The result is a style of creating balcony shade that’s very diverse. You can use something standard or an unexpected material. All you need is a material light in weight.

Idea #7: Balcony Privacy Walls

Privacy walls are often used to separate shared balconies. They can be made from wood, aluminum, glass, or similar materials. They are normally used for privacy purposes, however, shade’s also something they provide under the right circumstances. Privacy walls can be built to exist as a freestanding structure or can be as portable as fashioning a screen or blanket-like material-based wall.

Idea #8: Balcony Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are sort of like privacy walls except shorter. These screens typically wrap around one’s balcony perimeter almost like a material net. It is very easy to install and can be taken down with ease. Privacy screens are appropriate for creating shade though their main function is to prevent others from seeing into your balcony.

Idea #9: Balcony Greenery

Balcony greenery can include real or artificial trees, plants, and similar items. This is how shade is created in backyards all over the world. A balcony does tend to have limited space and so in terms of what greenery you can use, you have to be mindful of this. It won’t be possible to mix trees, flowers, hanging plants, and tabletop plants for everyone.

Idea #10: Bamboo Shades

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material, often quite interesting as well from a visual standpoint. Bamboo shades can withstand weather and temperature, with no risk of fading, warping, or damage. They can be pulled down or unravelled when you want shade and then hidden out of sight when you want to look out at everything that lies in front of you. They’re one of the more convenient options if you want to have flexibility around when there’s shade and when there isn’t.

Idea #11: Wooden Panels or Structure

Wood is a solid material. It’s not going to blow around like material or plants. It stays strong and stable. Wooden panels can be used to create makeshift shade or you can use smaller pieces of wood to craft a more unique structure. Pinterest has some great ideas on how to use wood to create shade both in the backyard as well as on the balcony. They’re well worth looking at.

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