What Does Ballet Teach You Mentally?

Many people view ballet from a distance and look at it as nothing more than a graceful dance. They don’t see the hard work, sweat, and tears in every ballet performance.

Becoming a ballerina is no easy task. Many try only to quit and move on to something less challenging. However, those who stick it out and perfect their art not only become talented dancers. Ballet students gain profound lessons that shape who they are and how they navigate their lives.

There are many important lessons from learning ballet. Here are eight aspects that ballet teach you mentally:

1. Ballet teaches you to take baby steps.

Bourree is the name given to the tiny steps that ballet dancers take. Their feet are kept together, and they quickly move across the stage, inch by inch. While these steps may be small, they successfully propel the dancer through their routine beautifully and gracefully. Without these little steps, ballet would be a much different dance. It wouldn’t have the same delicate appeal that it’s known for.

The bourree step teaches us a valuable life lesson – baby steps are just as necessary as big steps. They move us where we need to go and do so at the perfect speed for our life’s dance. Remember that even if you are only taking baby steps, you are still taking the necessary steps toward reaching your goals.

2. Ballet teaches you to always wear a smile.

Ballet dancers go through a lot. Their feet hurt. Their bodies are in pain. The demands of practicing for performance have probably left them utterly exhausted. However, you never see a ballerina enter the stage without a smile on their face.

This is an excellent lesson to take on your life’s journey. Always wear a smile. No matter how you may be feeling physically or emotionally, try to find something to be grateful for. Look for the good in every situation and smile about it.

3. Ballet teaches you can always get better.

Whether you need to perfect your ciseaux or your arabesque needs some work, there is always room for improvement in ballet. As you learn and grow stronger, so will your ballet practice. You will advance through your moves and techniques on a portable ballet barre, eventually mastering the art of dance.

The harder you work, the more complex movements you will be able to perform. The same is true with everything in life. There is always room for improvement. All it takes is some hard work and dedication, and you can get better.

4. Ballet teaches you to try new experiences.

Starting something new can be scary. You may feel overwhelmed or intimidated, but you have to start somewhere. Whether you are learning to dance or trying out any other new skill, you have to start to become good. It will take lots of practice and repetition, but eventually, you will perfect your skill.

5. Ballet teaches you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You won’t always be comfortable in life. There will be difficult situations and hard times to deal with. The same is true with ballet. You may be required to maneuver into uncomfortable positions or dance when you feel too exhausted to move. Your feet may hurt, and your body might ache, but the show must go on.

Your life won’t stop for you just because you are uncomfortable. Learn to get comfortable with the demanding situations and look for growth opportunities instead.

6. Ballet teaches you to work as a team.

Many ballet productions rely on highly choreographed routines. Each dancer’s movement is precisely timed with one another’s, meaning that everyone must work together in perfect harmony. Teamwork is a crucial skill that will come in handy in all areas of life. Learning to cooperate and work well with others will make you a valuable employee and can help in your home and personal life as well.

7. Ballet teaches you to find your passion.

Ballet isn’t for everyone. It takes a great deal of commitment and physical stamina. Those who can push through the difficulties find that ballet is something they are passionate about. They eat, sleep, and dream about ballet and can’t wait until the next time they tie up their ballet slippers. In life, it is crucial to have something you are passionate about. This passion gives you a reason to wake up in the morning and pushes you to get the most out of every day.

8. Ballet teaches you strength is important.

To be a ballerina, you must be strong. It takes years of physical development to create the muscles required to perform many of the necessary postures in this form of dance. Muscle growth is a crucial factor in how successful you will be as a dancer, and the stronger you are, the better your performance will be.

In life, you must work on developing your inner strength – the strength required to overcome fear and adversities. The stronger you are, both physically, mentally, and emotionally, the better equipped you will be to face your challenges and conquer your dreams.

People may view ballet as a graceful and beautiful dance, but it is more to those who practice it. Ballet teaches many essential life lessons about both mental and physical strength and how to achieve your biggest goals.

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