10 Best Ways to Pack Breakables

Whether you are packing to move to a new home or shipping items through a courier service, special care needs to be taken with breakable items. Moving fragile items from one location to another can be dangerous. It is easy for these items to break, chip, or become damaged.

Protecting these items can be extremely nerve-wracking, and it can take special care to keep them safe. Fortunately, with the correct tools and some extra time, you can safely get your breakable items from one place to another. Here are the ten best ways to pack breakables:

1. Pick the right packing boxes

One of the most important things you can do when moving is select the right packing supplies for the job. The box that you pack your goods in will determine how safe it is on its journey to its final destination. Ensure that you select the correct size box for the job. The package should be just big enough to hold your item. A too-big box will allow too much room for your goods to move around, increasing their chances of breaking.

You also want to select boxes that are made of sturdy material. A thin and flimsy package will be crushed or dented easily and won’t protect the contents inside.

2. Use extra packing tape

When packing items, the tape is your friend. It keeps your valuables safely inside their package. Add extra tape to the bottom of each box for added support, and securely tape the top of each box closed once your goods are inside.

Use high-quality packing tape and be generous with the amount that you use. Too much tape is never a bad thing, and it is the one of the best ways to pack breakables.

3. Use packing material

Packing material acts as a cushion around your fragile items. These packing supplies help protect them from the vibrations and bumps that will occur during shipping. Line the bottom of your box with packing paper, bubble wrap, or styrofoam peanuts. Once your item is inside, layer more packing material around and on top of it for added security.

4. Pack heavy items first

When packing multiple items, ensure that the heaviest items are placed at the bottom of the box and lighter items are kept on top. This will keep more fragile items from getting crushed. It will also keep the bottom of the box well-supported.

5. Wrap each item carefully

When keeping your breakable items safe, you want to put extra care into wrapping each item. Use packing paper or bubble wrap and layer it around any fragile items before placing them in your box. Each item should be wrapped separately and the wrapping secured with tape.

6. Take care with hollow items

Hollow items like glasses, vases, and jars should be wrapped in particular. Because they are hollow, they will be more prone to breaking. To prevent this from happening, stuff packing material inside them to reduce vibration and provide added support to their fragile walls. Also, be sure to wrap their outsides as well.

7. Don’t overpack your boxes

Overpacking your boxes is a sure way to end up with damaged goods. Placing too many items in your boxes could cause the containers to break, or you could end up with crushed and broken items inside.

8. Use packing dividers

Dividers are essential to keep items from bumping up against each other. Dividers can be especially helpful when packing any type of glass or stemware. This will keep items from shifting during transport.

9. Take your time

If you want to ensure your breakable items arrive in one piece, you have to put some care into how you pack them. The packing process will take some time, but it will be well spent. The more careful you are during the packing process, the more likely it will be that all of your items will stay safe and sound.

10. Label your boxes properly

Labelling your boxes will inform others as to the contents that are inside. This is very important when you are transporting fragile or breakable goods. Labels will let others know that extra care should be taken with your packages. It will also tell them which side of the box is right-side up to ensure your items stay in place and don’t shift around unnecessarily.

Moving your fragile items can be highly stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. When you take proper care to ensure your items are packed correctly, you can guarantee that they will arrive at their destination safely and unscathed. Whether you are moving houses or shipping something to the other side of the world, have the right tools for the job. Using high-quality packing material and putting in the time to do the job properly will ensure that all of your breakable items remain in one piece.

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