How to Choose a Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you love using your vaporizer even when traveling, you may find it difficult to enjoy a quick vaping experience, especially if you’re visiting remote locations with minimal power sources. The only solution to such a predicament is to purchase a portable dry herb vaporizer. Here are some of the vital considerations that you should check out for when buying a portable vaporizer:


A product can only be worth your hard earned money if it’s durable. Some portable vaporizers are flimsy and don’t offer the durability they claim to have on their advertisements or reviews. Read as many reviews and testimonials of the device to get a feel of what previous users have to say about its durability. Long lasting vapes have sturdy materials such as metallic heating systems and an aluminum core that ensures nothing is burned or damaged when being used. Moreover, low-quality materials like plastic can contaminate the vapors and spoil the flavor. Top-notch quality vaporizers come with high-standard materials to enable you to get the vital therapeutic compounds present in your dry herbs or concentrates.

Portability and Functionality

The best portable vaporizer for dry herb has to be smaller and easier to carry around. There is no reason for purchasing a portable vaporizer that you can’t actually carry anywhere you go. Ensure that the device can fit perfectly into your pocket or purse. You should also check out the available features for optimal functionality. Unfortunately, some of the smaller types of portable devices that resemble an ordinary pen don’t have all the necessary features. It’s recommended that you start out with vaporizers with lower temperatures, as a beginner, before you advance when tolerance sets in.

Vapor Quality

Vaporizers produce vapors in two ways: conduction where the heat touches the elements in the unit, and convection whereby a vapor is produced when hot air is made to pass through your herbs. Vapes that are capable of heating the herbs without burning them produce the best flavor of vapors.

Although some combustion occurs in the portable vaporizers for dry herbs, like vape pens, most users would prefer intense heat because it gives off denser clouds of vapor that is similar to smoking joints. Health-conscious people who are looking for the health benefits of the dry compounds found in the herbs prefer getting clean vapors.

Ease of use

No one wants to invest in a device that requires rocket science to operate. Choose vapes that will enable you to reap the therapeutic benefits of your dry herbs without too much hassle.

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